Arzoo asks him to listen to her as someone is trapping her. Zeenat asks Sahir to tell whatever happened when she was in coma. Kurti Apa gets happy seeing her coming out of coma. He asks if she can prove it. Alvira says Anam might have not digested the fact that Arzoo is your wife now. Arzoo is teary eyed. Zaki says other bhai, he says no sorry, no thanks.

Kurti Apa tells Sahir that she did wrong with him and apologizes to him. Sahir says ok, you will get both. If you would have come to me, I would have definitely solved your problem. Arzoo is teary eyed. Vikram comes there running. Vikram asks Zeenath why was she getting so intimate with Sahir. She asks the Inspector to arrest her. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Roma 27th Feb – He says I am not angry with you, I am thankful to you.

Humsafars 27th February 2015 Full Episode | Happy Ending | Shahir and Arzoo To Re Unite

Zeenat is very clever woman. Arzoo takes it and leaves. You used me all the while.

Sign in Recover your password. Even Sahir will be trapped by her. She tells that Zeenat wants to save her marriage. Will you forgive me?


Humsafars 24th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Sahir tells her that he is leaving from home with her blessings and Arzoo. Tell me what do you want? She apologizes saying I tried to snatch your love. She tells that Zeenat wants to meet you and asks him to come fast. He asks if she can prove it. Arzoo comes and tells her them that she wants to tell them something important. Vira 24th Feb – Arzoo says small town girl makes a guy dance on her tune. Sahir says this is happening because of money. Sahir asks Zeenat to take rest and is about to leave.

Zeenat asks Sahir to tell whatever happened when she was in coma. This house is mine and yours. Arzoo comes to Zaki. Sahir makes fen sit.

When I saw you 7 years back, I got 20155 about you. You wanted to move Arzoo from your way, and I killed Rubina thinking her as Arzoo.

Arzoo comes there and gets shocked seeing Anam there. She says she did a mistake, but now repenting for her doings. We shall wpisode this to Vikram and then he will come to our side to take revenge.

Lyba 26th Feb – 9: Dhaanimallik 24th Feb – 9: Zaki says how I will handle alone. She says she needs everything. He asks what is her next plan. A flashback is shown again. Sahir apologizes for lying. Kurti Apa slaps her. I was helpless to do that. Arzoo says it means Vikram veb with Zeenat.


I betrayed my job. He tells that his truth is out now and the head quarters came to know that he epiisode supporting her.

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Sahir says I am suffocating here. Vikram says Zeenath if they want to save themselves, they will have to elope. Anam tells her about Vikram and says we have to control him to expose Zeenat.

Going to miss this show…was the only show that I follow every day.

Humsafars 25th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Arzoo is right for you. Loved it sooo much. Sahir says you have to handle it, ammi and home.