Little Swallow agrees to help Zi Wei and they soon become sworn sisters. After a car accident plunges a woman into the dreamy Chinese past that gave the whole life in the Beijing imperial palace after that she returns to her life in the modern world. Start your free trial. They decide to leave the Forbidden City permanently and travel to Dali. Not wanting to risk Xiaoyanzi’s life, Ziwei is willing to keep the secret and give up her claims to be princess. Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre — Webarchive template wayback links Pages using Tone superscript with sup tags Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text Track listings with input errors.

Taiwanese actress Lee Ting-yi was originally chosen to portray the titular character Xiaoyanzi. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The five of them travel together to the next city while leaving behind markers for Liu Qing, Liu Hong, and Jinsuo as they search for doctors able to cure Ziwei’s blindness. When Qianlong finds out the truth, he sends the five to jail. Due to budget limitations, many cast members were film school students, like Zhao and her classmates. The empress dowager ultimately forgives Ziwei and Xiaoyanzi at the insistence of Qianlong and acknowledges them as her granddaughters. In , Ouyang became the station head of HBS. Grand story of the inner workings of the harem of classic China.

InTaiwan’s government allowed visits to Mainland China for the first time since the end of the Chinese Civil War in Zhao Wei, who went back to study at the Beijing Film Academy, remembered the first sign that her life might change was receiving “rooms upon rooms” of fan mails from Taiwan in her school dormitory. On the trip, they encounter many incidences where they lend a get to save the weak such as stepping in to prevent the burning at the stake of a local girl who was impregnated out of wedlock and saved her life.

One day, Ziwei sees Xiaoyanzi parading the streets in a sedan chair as a princess and believes Xiaoyanzi has deceived her. In the end, the Emperor travels himself to convince them to return to the Forbidden City as he does not care if they helped Hanxiang escape, or if Ziwei is actually his daughter. During the trip, feelings between Xiaoyanzi and Yongqi, who is aware that she is not his sister, begin to rise.

Unable to enter the Forbidden CityZiwei and Jinsuo meet adventuress Xiaoyanzi, also 17, at a wedding. Xiaoyanzi’s father was rallying against the government and later their whole family was sentenced to death as a result.


Average rating was very high at Hanxiang was born with a natural scent that attracts butterflies. New My Fair Princess Edit Cast Series cast summary: Throughout this time, Qianlong realizes that he truly misses the presence of Xiaoyanzi and Movif and he reveals to Consort Ling that him sentencing them to death was ultimately out of pure rage and that in the end, Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei would indeed ultimately be spared had Erkang and Yongqi not rescued them.

Along the way, they discover that the mysterious guy they met at Liu Qing and Liu Hong’s restaurant who has helped them throughout this whole fugitive stage, Xiao Jian, is actually Xiaoyanzi’s long lost brother after Yongqi’s jealousy at his kindness to Xiaoyanzi becomes too overbearing as he mistakes it as him trying to steal Xiaoyanzi away.

Tian long ba bu — With the Taiwanese director Sun Shu-pei predicting “Ruby Lin will be very popular one day” and insisting on keeping her, [5] Lin was at the end allowed to stay, but those difficult days drew her closer to Zhao, who took her around in Beijing in an effort to cheer her up. Four Loves Wan-chun In the end, Hanxiang is saved by the repeated attempts from Xiaoyanzi.

Hanxiang is said to have died. After this affair, Hanxiang loses her scent. The Silent Wife Mute Wife The lyrics for tracks 1 and 8 are the same and based on a few lines in a Han dynasty yuefu love poem, the content of which was featured prominently in Ziwei and Erkang’s romance translation by Ma Xiaodong [19]:.

Audible Download Audio Books. When Qianlong finds out the truth, he sends the five to jail. For the remake, see New My Fair Princess.

The land is divided by warlords and the country is huannu famine, droughts, A episode remake of the first series was filmed in Juneand aired in Tin lung bak bo TV Series The Season 3 script was also delayed for a year because of Chiung Yao’s personal matters.

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Xiaoyanzi and Jinsuo were captured and taken away separately while Ziwei falls out of the carriage and temporarily loses her eyesight. A massive international hit in East Asia and Southeast Asiathe drama is considered the most commercially successful Uuanju series in history.

Since there was little time left, the company wanted to know whether Zhao, already provided with the script and asked to memorize Ziwei’s lines, would be willing to portray Xiaoyanzi instead.


More trivial scenes than ever are added, only serving to Little Swallow climbs the mountain and soon gets shot by an arrow by mistake. Lin had just signed with Chiung Yao’s company and was better known—though by no means famous—in her native Taiwan. In the yearyear-old [note 4] Xia Ziwei and her maid Jinsuo travel from Jinan to the Qing Empire capital Beijing, in an effort to meet her father, the Qianlong Emperorfor the first time. This was the series that brought Vicki Zhao to fame all around Asia.

The viewership was also much lower compared to the old version. Taiwanese actress Lee Ting-yi was originally chosen to portray the titular character Xiaoyanzi. Use the HTML below. Fu Erkang 24 episodes, Chunrong Dai Ratings for the remake version was 1. Unlike the “neglected” Season 1 where not a single outsider showed up to watch the filming, [9] Season 2’s filming was extensively covered by the media.

New My Fair Princess.

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While the first two seasons featured almost the same cast, most cast members declined the offer to star in another sequel. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. I can’t help but watch it over and over again. Sun Shu-pei remembered being jealous of the large-budget Yongzheng Dynastyfilming next to them in Chengde. The recommended actress left little impression, but a supporting actress “with big eyes” caught Lee’s attention.

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There, he awards both Ziwei and Xiaoyanzi with a gold insignia. Qian Long’s mother returns to the palace from her religious pilgrimage and the Queen’s action’s become more ridiculous than ever. An orphan since a young age, Xiaoyanzi lives with siblings Liu Qing and Liu Hong in a dazayuan residential compound. Most actors, equipment and production crew came from Taiwan, while the Chinese stations produced chiefly cheap labor such as extra actors in exchange for broadcasting rights in the mainland.

On the road they encounter Qianlong’s men who were intent on capturing them alive and to not hurt them at Qianlong’s orders.

He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set.