Lovecraft as compiled by Cthulhu Chick , and then I started listening to your show from the beginning. To be found in the fine Collected Essays Vol. Some thoughts on the story:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Could it be Cthulhu? Lackey phones in from a deep, shadowy ravine and Leman drops more arcane knowledge as we take a third gander at The Dunwich Horror! Play in new window Download.

The final showdown with the unseen monster – with the fate of the world at stake! David on February 7, at 3: Marcus Good on January 27, at 5: The direct link to the Suspense adaption is http: You can find it on the web at web archive. Because the gun misfired, the shell was defective.

While the was some cultivation of hops in the area, the park is named after the geological formations in and around the river running through the park. Another great pod cast!

Episode 67 – The Dunwich Horror – Part 3

Zach on January 13, at 1: Chad Fifer on January 19, at 4: Great stuff as always, guys. I agree with your thoughts on H. Andrew on January 27, at 7: While Wilbur was certainly a horrific sight to behold, he pales in comparison to his twin.


First time poster here, long time listener from episode 1. Play in new window Download. Awesome ending to this one.

Backing my bags for Dunwich – Arkham Horror: The Card Game – FFG Community

Nevertheless they are there, having slipped in past the author and having hailed from the archetypal realm from which all stories come. That, plus the mention of the comparisons of Jesus and Joseph Curwen that ended up on the cutting-room floor, make me think that you should re-release all the old shows, with all the stuff you cut out put back in.

I recently read The Mound, and was surprised to find dunwlch good it was despite having rarely heard of it mentioned.

Mirko Stauch on January 21, at 3: Always enjoyable to get a new episode from you fine gentlemen. Mike on January 13, at Mirko Stauch on January 21, at 9: So, I just wanted to thank you for the pod cast; informative, insightful and down right hilarious all the time. Needing my next Podcraft dunwihc Brown Jenkin on January 14, at 5: Justin on January 27, at Price for his dunwiich on the story. Maybe for The Mound, that should be coming up pretty soon right?

Odilius Vlak on January 14, at 6: Play in new window Download. Listening to the pod cast — Damn — failing my — sanity check — must be strong!! You can make up any parallel between any two pieces of literature.


Hopodcraft Literary Podcast — Episode Part 2 of 4 [right click and “save as” to download]. What a brillant episode.

Price on several points. Jenova Carter on February 8, at 2: Alan — Great call on the fringed belt.

Episode 68 – The Dunwich Horror – Part 4

Cheers and link… http: Damn you Chosium Games!! Great episode guys, keep the good stuff rolling.

It is such a seminal Lovecraft work, but hearing that Mountains is getting closer I definitely have something to look forward to. Eventually, everyone got their own punchdown panel, enabling them to make and receive their own calls. He really manages to bring them to life. Brown Jenkin on January 13, at Your email address will not be published. Wilum Pugmire on February 21, at