But it really feels like a C movie where the horror legends are just there for their name and kind of just “phone it in”. Just didn’t love it like everyone else. I like this more than the original. This one is about a vengeful spirit through electronics. This is round 2 in writing this review and I have to say it was much better the first time around, you are really missing out. The Boy – I guessed the twist to this gothic-styled horror flick, but not its actual permutation. I did like the call backs and the practicalities of fighting a paraplegic were interesting. October 22,

Anyway in true TWD style everyone has to leave what was a great set up because of poor decisions or stronger groups. Great balance with hints of white grape, pear and of course caremel. I really wasn’t in the mood for Dark Shadows today so I found the one Dark Shadows property that had the least to do with the series. Lights Out – Clever premise; at 81 minutes it doesn’t wear out its welcome either. The actors seem to be having a great time and give good performance. Michael Gibney plays what might be one of the worst characters in the history of film.

And you do get at least 1 guy leaving a building with this one but otherwise they did an excellent job of showing an abandoned metropolis. Starting to get bored with some of the plots. Uprising – Encore Action Does get a little better as it warms and that detergent taste goes away still a hair below par though.

But perhaps I have just watched too many ghost movies lately after having several rock my socks here in the past few years. Nothing like a shovel to the back of the head. He made the same joke a couple of times, seemed to stumble over what he was saying frequently and allowed way too much silence on the track and I hated his voice but that is neither here nor there I hate the way my voice sounds when played back to me too.


Saw this at the FYE and decided to pick it up. I get why people love it, but I still just find it ok. An interesting premise for a serial killer series, but it’s just a bit too hardcore, even during the time of “gore porn”.

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Last edited by rbrown; at Apes scanners somewhat heavily. And I still don’t understand why Bobby is still in the house. Pumpkin Shandy Vermont My Thoughts: Straitjackets Unhinged; Crazies On the Fringe!

I did find myself less interested in the demon fighting part and just wanting to see this group interact with each other.

I do wonder, since it is based on a true story, if the kid did have all those markings randomly appear on his body. Those guys need to get on it with some more stuff! If you are looking for something to keep you on the edge of your seat, this might be the one. Occulto Missouri My Thoughts: I like this beer. It was a complete disappointment to what could have been a decent independent horror film. Ectoplasmic Entities Materializing at Night.

It is cheesy as about anything else, but a lot of fun actually.

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What is hosstel allow for is an over the top hammy performances, most notably from series newbie Cuba Gooding Jr which I found highly enjoyable. Ummm, better than the first? Why did he have to shoot her?

I am glad it saved those girls though. And it super entertaining to listen to. The Town That Dreaded Sundown Pale imitation of the series. Such a shame that the mastermind behind Paranormal Activity does not deliver at all with this film. October 9, Find More Posts by shadokitty. Not a film you really want to explain to anyone but fun to watch especially a little drunk. It was not just slow, it drug for the first half or so. But it was an ok movie. I liked the grandfather a lot.


Low budget horror set in the Slovenian country side. The menace and wrath of Jaws inline does not come alive in this film and drags on and on until the bitter end.

Just doesn’t feel timeless. It really makes the more recent Full Moon tripe look that much worse when a no budget film like this can be so good.

I’m also curious what happened to the guy BJ who gave her the yostel and what happened to him it looked like he used some sort of protection with the corpse. The Story of Anvil It might be try to leave the found footage genre and try something different. At least it gives a satisfying ending to the first film. Last edited by exharrison; at Reggie, as much as I love him, is not quite the actor they are though.

It’s like the fun version of The Possession or maybe a more cohesive kovie at any rate.

It isn’t as good as the original, but it plays up on scares and thrills. Evil is Coming; It is Foretold. And you just want to slap the lead actress for always going back to her girlfriend who clearly has no feelings or time for her.

So of course what do they do? The movie was set primarily in a small town and obvious studio backlot.