Nosy the cat had been fed and hurriedly shoved outdoors. From the metal garbage can that the Huggins family uses to the presence of radio and absence of TV, this book presents a picture of life in the 50’s. Eventually becoming the first book of the Ramona series, it was originally illustrated by Louis Darling;[1] later editions were illustrated by Alan Tiegreen[2] and then by Tracy Dockray. Member feedback about Beverly Cleary: They loved them too. Sunday, March 31, Book Review: And Henry is very believable. For example, Ribsy tries to prevent the garbage man from taking away the trash because Ribsy thinks it belongs to Henry.

The Ramona series ultimately surpassed the Henry Huggins series in popularity. First published in , Henry and Ribsy was originally illustrated by Louis Darling. Then there’s my all time favorite Beverly Cleary chapter, “Ramona and the P. Ribsy’s troubles began one Saturday morning in October when he was sitting out in front of the Huggins’ square white house onKlickitat Street keeping an eye on the brand-new station wagon to make sure the family did not drive away without him. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. At the mall, he is left in it, and lowers the electric window with the button.

That’s not easy to do, especially when Ramona Quimby gets involved.

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Henry plays a minor role in the story, however, as the narrative focuses primarily on his dog, Ribsy. We get all the events solely from Henry’s point of view. These cause him some embarrassment when he visits Mr. But can he do it? Summary In this humorous and heartfelt novel from Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary, the bond between a boy and his dog proves strong, as Henry vows to stick up for Ribsy The announcer’s voice cut in.

This page was last edited on 9 Julyat In an attempt to impress Mr. Henry’s dad has promised to take him salmon fishing on one condition — he has to keep his dog Ribsy out of trouble for two months. She is a year older than in Beezus and Ramona and trouble still seems to follow her. He wished his father had time to take him places oftener. But before she became the main character, she was the annoying little sister of Henry’s friend Beezus.


Daddy ought to get a picture of this.

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If it had not been for that flea, things might have been different for Ribsy. While Ribsy kept an eye on the station wagon he amused himself with his soggy old tennis ball, wet from last night’s rain, which he dropped at the top of the summaary and caught as it rolled to the bottom. Ramona really wants to pull on one of those risy and watch it bounce back and forth, ribst when she I really need to go back and read the others I’ve missed. Beverly Cleary characters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fictional characters introduced in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Characters in American novels of the 20th century Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

This children’s book chronicles the adventures of Ramona’s first few months at kindergarten.

Posted by Mark Baker at 8: Yingling April 1, at 4: He could be almost as persistent as his flea, and now he started running down the street as fast as he could after his family’s new car. Huggins, as she poured herself a cup of coffee. As they drove toward the service station they passed the Anf City Sporting Goods Shop, where Henry noticed the windows filled with tennis rackets, golf clubs, and fishing tackle. On the way, he stops at a rummage sale and ends up buying some kittens.

Henry Huggins makes a deal with his father–if Henry can keep his dog Ribsy out of trouble for a month, he can go fishing with his father. Add Tag No Tags, Be the first to tag this record! The suummary is simple enough that kids in the year old target age range should have no problem reading it.


When Ribsy was a few feet from the station wagon, the mean hungry flea gave him an extrahard nip. As a result, two of the chapters are really a self contained story that only superficially has to do with Ribsy and the fishing trip.

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A bit hit this year in my library has been Homer Price! They really as so much fun. Whether terrorizing the garbage man, chasing cats, or gobbling Ramona Quimby’s summarry cone, Henry’s four-legged pal has walked himself into one problem too many.

Henry’s father says that Henry can only come on the trip if he can keep Ribsy out of trouble for a month.

Henry and Ribsy

Grant, was acquired by the city in But a different family, with several daughters and a son, gets in and takes him home with them. Then he switched to his ribsj hind foot and scratched the other half of his neck. They had no children. The book may be dated, but the characters summarry humor still shine through.

Roberta was included in the television series Ramona, which ran for a total of ten episodes. Ribsy finds an old lady named Mrs. The book is extremely well written.

Patience was the answer. And Henry is very believable.

He offers the kittens as free gifts to n