Star Magic Thess Gubi It creeps meaningfully, initially concentrating on the banal concerns of its characters before thrusting its purpose of betraying innocent beliefs with a climax that haphazardly has the lives of all the characters, whether they are good or bad, endangered with explicit savagery. Jaime Sharlene San Pedro Everything About Her Suddenly Jaime’s ghost appeared and pointed at Amara’s ghost approaching them. Buy Now Die Later Production:

Imaginary Friends Studio as Gerry S. The premise is nothing new: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Outpost Visual Frontier Irene Leparto The film follows a group of high school kids who are spending the night in a retreat house. Director Jun Lana, said that the film is not rushed so it may be improved.

A Guide to The 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Official Entries

Gonzalez accidentally listened to Veronica’s voice recording and Jaime appeared pointing at something. Nilalang The Entity Production: The decibel levels are sure haubted be off the charts, in great occurrence at the movie theaters. Outpost Visual Frontier Charlemagne Blaza It’s a star-studded rom-com by Star Cinema featuring different storylines and pairings to show the many kinds of love. Imaginary Friends Studio Danica Griefel Edit Storyline A group of young people on retreat in a remote house find themselves haunted by a restless spirit.

Father Anthony asked the three to leave mmff behind stating that the Lord is with him no matter what. It’s up to Joy to help Lester against the curse and the deadly consequences. Regal Entertainment Orlean Joseph Tan Imaginary Friends Studio Eduardo B.


Production values were very good and I thought the script was more original than most of what is being passed off as a horror movie nowadays. Already, this shows signs of becoming a hit in the tradition of Shake, Rattle, and Roll —also a Regal Films creation.

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And they are numerous here. Mariel later suffered another miscarriage. You have successfully updated your account. Regal Unit Ligaya Tan 205 Towers Pictures, Inc.

But that was fine.

Axinite Digicinema Julius Salarda A writer for romantic comedy films starts to doubt the concept of ‘forever’ after a heartbreak, and things become even more complicated as her past returns into her life.

Adrian offers to pay for her registration but Ella kindly declines. Megan, Jack, Jessie and Allison flee the mansion. Janella displays maturity well beyond her years as she portrays the reluctant heroine who must embrace the very ability that she has been supressing for so long.

Axinite Digicinema John Lawrence Uy Buy Now Die Later Production: Regal Unit Sherry Lou P. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A couple with a tumultuous romantic past finds married life to be just as difficult. Some of the teen stars are obviously in the cast because of their good looks and popularity alone. Vice Ganda, Coco Martin.


Ella’s Father Vangie Labalan Please try again later.

Mendoza knows how to use both light and shadows to evoke a certain sense of unease. Before Jacob could destroy the corpse, Amara appeared and captured him. Dressed for the occasion with an elegant evening dress, Amanda enters on a luxurious limousine waiting in front of her house. Star Magic Edith Farinas The house was made to look older manwion the film while the venue was made to look brand-new for the flashback scenes set in the s.

Ella then realizes that Amara was the real killer. Edit Haunted Mansion Marlo lacks emotions in delivering his lines, and so does Jerome, though to a lesser degree.

The film had a special screening at Greenhills Theatre Mall on December Axinite Digicinema Diosdado Flores Eventually, Amara died too. The surviving trio reluctantly leave him and Amara kills Father Anthony. Two men kidnap the daughter of businesswoman Claudia Villegas.