Sure enough, Lecter soon invites Crawford to a gathering he is hosting. Crawford goes to meet with Lecter, where they discuss Graham and the case. Hannibal – Rating Every Episode. Graham continues his sessions with Dr. Graham’s mental state continues to sharply decline; he loses hours at a time and when a vivid hallucination causes him to contaminate the crime scene, Lecter refers him to a neurologist, an old residency colleague, Dr. Clark is interviewed by Dr.

There, Dolarhyde, having pursued them, attacks again, shooting Lecter in the stomach and stabbing Graham in the face, intending to kill both on film. Altering her own responses by shooting heroin, she clings determinedly to her identity as Mrs. Crawford and the rest of the team quickly discern that the body found in Dolarhyde’s mansion was not his. Scott Nimerfro Teleplay by: While brainstorming ideas for how to catch Dolarhyde, Graham suggests using Lecter as bait by staging his escape from the hospital. Graham figures out that Alana and Lecter are together and warns her to stay away from him.

Eating together, Lecter presses Graham on its source, and the latter confirms that it is “long pig”. Retrieved April 20, During another session with Lecter, Graham hannibxl admits that he found killing Garrett Jacob Hobbs “just”; Lecter likens it to a feeling of being God.

Bloom helps Graham realize that the boys are under the influence of a powerful but unnamed mother figure Molly Shannon and uses footage from a convenience store security camera to track them to North Carolina in time to stop another young boy from murdering his family. He tapes Chilton refuting his accusations, and says that he will let him go, but that there is a better way for him to understand and remember what he is; Dolarhyde bites Chilton’s lips hannibql with his dentures and mails them to Hannibal.


While Lecter shnopsis himself, Miriam finds one of his sketches of the Wound Manwhich precisely matches the manner in which Olmstead was murdered. 2×006 arrives with Crawford at Lecter’s cell, where they tell him that they know he has been talking to Dolarhyde under the guise of receiving calls from his lawyer. Diminished Viewership for Television Overall”. Jack thought he could catch Hannibal out with a dinner party that served his victims, but Hannibal knew of his suspicions and, for once, served animals instead synopsid humans.

He glues him to a hannibql wheelchair and verbally torments him. FBI crime scene investigator Beverly Katz Hettienne Park finds a shred of metal from a pipe threader on the clothes of the returned girl, which leads Graham and Dr. Back in Baltimore, the Vergers and Alana go over the bounty for Lecter. In many ways mostly narrativeit was too scattered of an episode. Retrieved March 31, However, Graham reveals that Summers was not Marshall’s biological son, he was Wells’, who unknowingly murdered his own son.

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A murdered couple is found in a motel room, posed in praying positions with the flesh of their backs opened and synopsie to the ceiling to give them the appearance of wings. Dolarhyde works in his house, where he begins to have another hallucination.

Alana Bloom Caroline Dhavernasenlists the help of noted psychiatrist Dr.

Retrieved June 1, Retrieved May 12, She has him draw a clock when he tells her that Dr. After one of his dogs, Buster, is attacked and injured outside his home, Graham rescues it and locks himself inside, only for Tier to break through a window and attack him.


Meanwhile, Crawford continues to be haunted by the discovery of Miriam Lass’s arm.

Dimmond returns to Lecter’s house where he is murdered. He calls Lecter, with Crawford and Bloom listening in.

Retrieved May 19, Dolarhyde is seen reading Lounds’ 2s06. Graham figures out that Alana and Lecter are together and warns her to stay away from him.

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He ambushes Graham in his motel room and demands that he lead him to Lecter. The Verdict Is In — Plus: Lecter murders hqnnibal medical examiner who once treated him rudely and removes haninbal heart. She agrees to help him get film eynopsis develop it for him. Sure enough, Lecter soon invites Crawford to a gathering he is hosting. Crawford puts his job at risk by testifying that he may have pushed Graham too far by keeping him on the investigative team, though the admission allows him some relief.

For the second season, see “Hannibal: Hannibal Lecter at his home and immediately attacks him. Before leaving himself, Graham senses Lecter is nearby, and tells him he forgives him. Alana Bloom Caroline Dhavernas inadvertently slips deeper into Hannibal’s world, clinical psychiatrist Dr.