If they divorce now, there is no way he can continue living the life he has now, as Mr. Lee interprets as Tae Sung choosing to betray the father that raised him. Does she like grilled eel, by chance? I substituted Panda and the Hedgehog with this and glad I did!! Joon Hyuk arrives at the fishery in time to see the uncles and Sora leave, and he immediately calls up Tam Hee. Played nicely, not heavy handed, light enough, funny as all get out, and just nice and satisfying. The only reason why Tae Sung worked so hard was because he loved his father, but clearly that does not apply both ways.

I really want to go hang out and drink with everyone in this drama. Sora yells at him to come back and be a proper husband! Tae Sung is driven all the way to Busan — quite the expensive cab fare! He advises her to change her feelings for him. They run to the rock and Sora finds that the rope has frayed, so their boat has floated off into the distance. Sora arrives, having gotten a message from Tae Sung. Thank you for the recap Kaedejun.

See biography of Tori Spelling. Mohawk turns it on Min Shik: Only one more episode! It is a very gallant and self-serving thing to do though. Now i think i’ll go hunt the final episode and watch it without the recaps. Min Shik gives her an ultimatum — either she signs the petition to rid the casino and put her support behind Sora, or she takes Ga Joon and leaves the hotel quietly.

He married because it was an arranged marriage between families to improve both families status. Episodes by odilettante. Tae Sung saves Sora from being indicted in any crime, thus keeping her record clean.

It never took itself seriously, throwing one cliche after another at us tongue-in-cheek, and totally made references to present-day pop culture. Gladys September 28, at 7: I really enjoyed reading them alongside this light, fluffy and fun drama: Tam Hee and Min Shik oppose this, but since they have less shares that Tae Sung, they have to let him run the meeting.


Thank you Kaedejun for recapping this series! He adds that anyone who knows him would know that he never takes advantage of his family background.

Prosecutor Ahn finds Tae Sung so odd for not accepting the transfer, and calls Mr. Lee meets with Joon Hyuk in Seoul to go over the shares.

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When they all board the bus, Uncle Hello Kitty offers a seat episde Joo Hee next to him, but Dong Baek pulls her into the seat next to him. Despite all my concerns in the beginning of where this drama was going to go, I was satisfied with how it concluded and how haeundqe ended up being fun throughout.

Tam Hee sputters angrily that Joon Hyuk should never have brought her here, even though Young Sook is a shareholder. Someone got this man out of the hospital! Se Na refuses to sign them — why did he request a divorce without her permission?!

Not that funny, not that romantic, a lot of deja vu: She goes back home, and finds her rain boots sitting on the porch bench. Because Sora notices that their boat is gone. Thanks kaedejun for finish of recapping this series, dub enjoyed very much of this light-hearted k-drama of HL together with your recaps. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Episodes by odilettante.

As other people said, it’s simply boring and I couldn’t connect to the characters. Maybe Busan settings have always been done but ‘this is the first time i’ve felt this way’ he he ie everything’s in Busan lately ReplyGolden Time, May Queen-some haeudnae it i think Lkvers that am complaining cuz suddenly oppas speaking in satoori sound just a little bit sexier lols.


Tae Sung is busy putting his signature to cases, which makes Sora think she ought to be quick with what she has to say to get out of his way. We are sick of those dramas where the hero sucumbed easily and the drama drags on. Oh loyalties… So why not indict them? hadundae

But I enjoyed you recap, a lot. And who comes to find her in this situation but Joon Hyuk again! He has the time of his life as Joon Hyuk and Joo Hee watch on, as this would have been what he wanted if he were still mentally hzeundae.

Little do they know, Pyong Yang is there to save the day!

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HL was totally loveable and the actors made this an enjoyable ride. Thanks for the recap. Thanks for the recap!

Ha — not so fast. Read all the recaps though. And then he gives her the divorce papers. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. After the trial, Sora and the uncles thank Joon Hyuk from the bottom of their enb, and Joong Shik comes running with white tofu for her to eat after getting out of jail.

T-ara debacle, they decided to limit her screen time because of it. Episodes by LollyPip. Sora runs outside the fishery looking for Tae Sung, and misses him epjsode as his taxi drives past her. The father wants to play subb round of ddak-ji with Tae Sung, but then notices them being all awkward and secretive. Not like she was trying very hard to get it back anyway.