To briefly recap, a split-seconds chronograph has the chronograph seconds hand, and the split hand, mounted on the same axis. Richard Habring adds that, “finally the based chrono is a cam-operated modern design. The two cam systems are blued steel, with the ruby pins on the split-seconds hand contrasting beautifully with the steelwork and perlage finished bridges. Your email address will not be published. Of course this analogy is an oversimplification, since the new split-seconds mechanism contains levers, springs, a cam and a pincer. Whilst the chronograph’s seconds hand moves continuously, the other one can be stopped to record intermediate times. I favor the balanced layout of Doppel 3 but also love the blue dial as your gorgeous Doppel 2 of Doppel 3.

IW By Jack Forster. The pusher on the left rules! When the watch won our first GPHG Subscribe to our newsletter? The term “grand complication” traditionally referred to a watch than combined the rattrapante with two other extremely challenging complications: The case is nicely sized, the complication interesting to observe, the watch is very versatile, and for the price, it represents tremendous value. Grand Complication and Il Destriero Hannah Elliott And Magnus Walker.

While the original Doppel movement was — due to the necessary integration of haabring2 split module inside the existing movement — rather complex, the second generation has a simplified bridge-layout which improves accessibility for service purposes.

Thank you again, Gary, for another excellent and insightful read. You clearly see the same forthright approach when you take delivery of a Habring watch as the box is a clean and functional wood affair and the accompanying wallet, providing an easy way of carrying a spare watch, is fastened with a spare strap.

The silver one not shown here features a pointer date on the periphery of the dial with a long central handwhile the grey version seen here feels slightly sportier with a tachymeter scale on the inner flange. Introducing The Swatch Flymagic.

The Value Proposition: The Habring² Doppel-Felix Split-Seconds Chronograph – HODINKEE

I love the idea of the COS. For me the watches are a perfect marriage of design, functionality and practicality.

Exclusive edition of 60 movements. Click through for a detailed look at the Doppelchronograph and the new Doppel 2. The distinctive third chronograph pusher at Press the split dppel again, and the split hand wheel is freed; a heart-cam mechanism realigns the split hand with the seconds hand, and the two continue to run together until the chronograph is stopped. The two cam systems are blued steel, with the ruby pins on the split-seconds hand contrasting beautifully with the steelwork and perlage finished bridges.


The pincers fall onto the split seconds wheel, holding it in position, while the chronograph seconds hand continues to run.

Talking Watches With Gary Shteyngart. Of course, the A08MR calibre has all the hallmarks of the small Austrian manufacturer in addition to the ingenious split-seconds mechanism.

Not only is the module developed and manufactured by them or by sub-contractors located in the region, but so is the movement. To keep things simple, most Habring2 watches are housed in 42mm cases made by renowned German case maker, Fricker, though a few models and are now available in a smaller 36mm-case.

Enter your email to receive our newsletter. And just last month, the 20 year patent on the doppelchronograph that Habring designed for IWC expired. Not only does this give habrinb2 watch a unique look but this configuration is also user-friendly — one pusher triggered by the index wath, the other by the thumb. Aside from the dial layout, the main differences doppl inside the split-seconds function.

Upon activating the chronograph, the center sweep seconds hands starts moving.

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Perhaps I can assist! Habring2 Felix powered by Caliber A11B, Jack Forster June 15, Two years ago, I had no idea who or what Habring2 was. The second Habring 2 watch that I purchased, for instance, was a jumping-seconds piece. The activation of the chronograph is done thanks to two cams and the rattrapante is controlled by a traditional yet simplified pair of clamps. In recent years, collector groups have picked up on the exclusivity angle and commissioned limited series including two series each for Timezone and the ChronotempVs club.

For me the one clear accommodation that owners need to be willing to make is in the area of movement finishing, as might be expected for watches in this price range with the great technical features to be had.

In order to allow the The Habring2 Doppel 2. When the watch won our first GPHG With both Habrings as shareholders, their new small company started to specialize in watch movement development and small series assembly of fine watches and clocks until inwhen CEO Maria gave the green light for their most successful project yet: One of the design’s special features is the omission of the traditional column wheel, which is not only complicated to produce but also requires complex adjustment in conjunction with a split-seconds function.


In-Depth The Habring2 Doppel 2. Just below the chronograph cam, at The Foudroyante is an historical first, combining dead-beat seconds with a so-called habrlng2 or flashing seconds.

It is visually even more appealing than the previous Doppel watchh and the addition of the proprietary movement certainly is a huge plus for collectors. As you can see, the split-seconds wheel is now turning as is the chronograph seconds wheel, which is below it and the reset hammer has been lifted off the heart pieces habrinb2 the chronograph seconds hand and minute recorder, allowing them to turn.

Congratulations on your watch, Nigel! Pressing the pusher again elegantly returns the split-seconds hand to its position above the normal seconds hand.

Richard Habring’s latest version of his split-seconds complication might be the biggest no-brainer in modern watchmaking.

Thank you for writing a great article that highlights not only the technical achievements of the Habrings but also explains very well their design and company philosophies. For more information, please visit www. The decoration is pleasant, with perlage on the rattrapante bridge, hanring2 cams and various finishing techniques soleillage, straight graining, bevelling….

Doppel 2.0 – 20 years in the making

The case is nicely sized, the complication interesting to observe, the watch is very versatile, and for the price, it represents tremendous value.

Watch wallet fastened with spare strap and clasp from Habring2. Thank you for highlighting one of my favourite watchmakers! Talking Watches With Gary Shteyngart. Also published on Medium. The document published under the number DEA depicts a hitherto unseen design of the fragile lever mechanism required to hold the rear-mounted split-seconds wheel.