USA Network Viceprezident ka —???? However, as far as I know, collaborating stakeholders do not use methods proposed by knowledge management. Moreover, managers solve the piracy-related problems ad-hoc. The researcher can choose any of the example techniques: Such situations are likely to be very common, as the downloaders are also driven by the motivational factors applicable to uploading, especially Profit factors. Even though some theories claim that piracy has positive or insignificant impact21 downloading of pirated content does not represent an effect of cannibalization on theatrical market; it can also work as a complement to purchase, or downloading to get to know the product22 ; the majority of scientists agree that piracy does affect negatively23 the box office revenues. It is crucial to obtain necessary data and information from involved stakeholders regarding the relationships, institutions, financial flows, processes, interests, limits and other aspects related to the problem. A low-numbered rank means that your website gets a lot of visitors.

I have chosen the years as they provide the latest data in integrated the whole. The Union has been established for the protection of copyright and related rights pertaining to audiovisual work. Clearly, if all the parties together lose approximately million CZK and the file-sharing market generates approximately the same, it could be worth considering eliminating the competitor using its own weapon — establishing a file-sharing site and making a profit from it. CZK , while the other experiments showed bigger 72 and 76 mil. Copyright association called “OSA” takes 0. Juraj Jakubisko, BontonFilm CBS Nakopni to —????

Animal city Pat and Mat celebrates his fortieth birthday on the big screen Poets sixth. Own work Box office revenues are calculated as theater ticket price multiplied by theater admissions.

Economic Analysis and Suggested Policies. Therefore, the following simulation omits the technological difficulties factor, as it is the major money-consuming factor in piracy elimination. Having means of technical models with strong computational power would be useful but I believe that for managerial model with kinoip data is sufficient.

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Current State of Policy and Decision Making in the Czech Theatrical Market The principal stakeholders in the theatrical market are producer and co-producerlocal distributor of foreign movies, local distributor of domestic movies, theater exhibitor, antipiracy organizations, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and its fund supporting the cinematography, and last but not least, other funds financially supporting the production or distribution.

Piracy and File-sharing in the Czech Republic Research Methodology The paper focuses on studying defined problem and proposing new methodology approaching the problem with developed original computational model and performed simulations. Even though the theater admissions attendance are influenced by other varying factors, in a simplified case, it can be stated that the dynamic equation for theater admission derives from the film supply number of released moviesseasonality attendance trends and the piracy- related factors.


Therefore, the previous setting is better. Conceptualization The first stage of solving the problem is via the conceptualization activity that leads to build of a conceptual model. Piracy, generally defined as the illegal reproduction of copyrighted works for sale or circulation free kinltip charge, present a classic economic problem of market failure arising from asymmetric information between buy-side and sell-side agents and technological changes that digitized media and transformed it into a public good available over the Internet.

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Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic. Behavior of Downloader and Uploader In part, file sharing fulfils a demand that is driven by lack of purchasing power and file-sharing sites meet other consumer needs.

Episode II — Attack of the Clones’. Although the catalog sites are mainly for registered users, an average-skilled Internet user can still gain access to password-protected pages via Google. Figure 26 Box office redistribution Source: The emergence of cloud-based media services and their fusion with local storage promises to accelerate this decline of the personal collection.

Nevertheless, the results show minor differences in total box office revenues, while differences in antipiracy costs are vast.

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Therefore, system of the Czech theatrical industry is only a subsystem of the bigger industry system that is influenced by the following, for example: Although digital film piracy is a modern phenomenon, its research is still in its infancy. Own work Table 26 presents the basic comparison of the revenues earned in box office, costs invested and losses for the ten year simulated experiment.

Network externality, according to them, is a major factor causing the industry loss, not piracy. Figure 21 General graphic description Source: Moreover, this paper will not discuss international copyright differences as they differ in each country, I will leave that onlije legal scholars.

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Table 1 Examples of customer and supply-focused enforcement Customer-focused Illegitimate Supply-focused Enforcement Enforcement Blocking of Internet sites providing Law enforcement the pirated content Penalties for providing Removal of pirated content the pirated content uploading from the Internet Penalties for obtaining Shutting down the pirate the pirated content downloading file-sharing websites Copyright awareness Technological difficulties of piracy Source: Therefore, the group of important factors is not the last stage of the selection process unless all stakeholders and interested parties have the same opinions and value the same proposed factors.


Moreover, the management works in dynamic environment continually changing, ergo they change as well. The following can summarize the reasons for modeling and simulation: However, gathering data from the commercial sources was a challenge. However, these movies are usually not very profitable for the producers low admissions and box office revenuesi. For example, when John Gantz, research director at the IDC, was asked about the impact of high Western software prices on piracy in developing countries, he suggested that possibly only one in ten unauthorized copies represented a lost sale.

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If the download of a movie is not deemed illegal, the parties should focus on kinoip upload. The ministry can support the Fund or support the movie production itself see Appendix 22 Czech Cinematographic Support. Understanding the factors that influence film pirates cannot be summarized by just economic price-related factor; dozens of various influencing factors exist.

New Zones of Enterprise in the Copyright Wars”58 claim that illegitimate distribution ghmpl not generate revenues for copyright holders but it does create market opportunities for other businesses within the IT and media industries. Another point is that the inputs represent an average from collected answers. The first group represents the information provided mainly by those whose money are at stake and agencies working on copyright protection and serving as certain anti-piracy organizations film producers, film distributors, media industry, theater exhibitors, anti-piracy agencies.

Finally, a combination of partial knowledge obtained from stakeholders leads to a formulation of a comprehensive understanding of the problem. However, it is not necessary to restrict the formalization technique to hexagon; any polynomial graph can be used, which can contain name of stakeholder, action, activity, income or outcome, picture etc.

There is also subjective evaluation of qualitative factors or individual attitude towards the risk.

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