April 30, Wondering Woman: It gave the show a chance to have its cake and eat hot lead too. No one even expects sellswords to fulfill their contracts: Most showrunners approach the end of their runs with trepidation and anxiety. A tightrope walk is gripping entertainment not because of the variety of possible outcomes, but because the price of one of the only two outcomes is unthinkably high. Jesse ever so slowly unlocking the passenger-side door … And then it was quiet again. Gomie lay dead where he stood. Everything that had been done was undone.

Such a great and specific character and one I almost wish had joined the show earlier in its run. By contrast, Vince Gilligan seems like Rube Goldberg throwing open the doors to his studio after a night left alone with an Erector Set and a bottomless pot of coffee. Then the image, along with all optimism, was gracefully Back to the Future —d from view. See all from Andy Greenwald. Faces of the Finale Mark Lisanti: It gave the show a chance to have its cake and eat hot lead too. At this point in the series, Jesse — red-eyed and hollowed out — has been smoked to the bone. The question is how fast.

In the first season, these two were at best comic relief, at worst a purple-and-racism-streaked waste of time.

Heck, the poem from which the episode draws its name tells us everything we can expect. Breaking Bad has been obsessed with neatness and order from the beginning. Andy Greenwald is a staff writer for Grantland.

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So dismiss this as a boring bottle episode if you must. Either way, the callback was clear even before Skyler brought it up at the hotel. Having him call his dad on his bullshit back in the kitchen only to slip in more bullshit was one thing. She wanted to go home. Everything he said was fundamentally true, if soaked in a bile the dread Heisenberg was usually able to choke back.


But Jesse is more interesting because he lacks such a traditional role. And so this bgeaking experiment was begun under false pretenses and got only more fraudulent from there. But was it equally satisfying? It was punishment for our bottomless, self-serving hunger.

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Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 14 Recap: It will be up to us, the audience, to serve as mute, watchful jury. If all of this felt like a violation, it was meant to.

I f you think all this reads like a pre-apology for Breaking Badwhich begins its final cook this Sunday on AMC at 9 p. But pain — real, irreversible pain — has rained down on nearly everyone else like stray bits of airplane debris. April 17, We Went There: With the storytelling fuse thus lit, Gilligan, like a good scientiststepped back and let his vicious experiment play itself out.

Where Was the Spark? One drug-fueled year of manic improvisation and delicate chemistry had just blown up in his face. Yet when he cut the engine, the piston-drums of the soundtrack began to fade, replaced by the banal donging of the Chrysler. Walt stepped outside and the noise washed away altogether. Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 13 Recap: Spit upon and then locked in the backseat of a car like a particularly truculent child.

And Then We Came to the End

If Walt prevails in a way that rings hollow or if Vince Gilligan loses his nerve hello, The Walking Deadall that tension unravels and the story stalls.

Better to live in this gaping, hideous silence. A tightrope walk is gripping entertainment not because of the variety of possible outcomes, but because the price of one of the only two outcomes is unthinkably high.


This was a fingernail scrabbling for purchase on a sheer drop. None of us wants to be disappointed. See all from Andy Greenwald. Because it beats the hell out of the alternative. The deaths of old friends.

Other times, as with St. Our ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off wish list Bustle: That overhead shot of the houses turning into fumigated meth labs, man.

She finally fulfilled one of her vows by avenging Renly, but 1 only after Stannis was stuck to a tree, and 2 in the process, she broke a promise to Sansa.

What mattered was that they did what they were told. How can the show? I just don’t want Jesse to die. Andy Greenwald is a staff writer for Grantland.

But fictional events have changed the characters far more than six real-life years ever could. And I was … alive. See all Hollywood Prospectus. Director Michelle MacLaren is the John Cage of this malevolent silence, able to wield it as precisely as a pointillist with a paintbrush.

Just the soft scuffles of his own feet on desert sand, our own hearts, like his, jackhammering in our throats. Walter White never even saw the inside of a courtroom. And so watching Walt flap his gums to his family about pump malfunctions without the benefit of his signature black porkpie was sad and bordering on pathetic.

Vince Gilligan, a much more exacting scientist than Walt could ever hope to be, was always going to revisit this lingering story. But the difference between an exit and an escape is really just context.