I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. And the buffering is a you issue. I kow shows like that exist, but I’m skeptical that kissanime actually has any. Can I just give AnimeHub. The only thing I rely on the Kiss sites for anymore is comics, and that’s just because I have a separate app on my phone that like masterani before it rips the scans from ReadComicsOnline and allows you to view them with no B. Yes, you are right! No need to disable adblock. I mean are we really going to complain?

For those who don’t know example. The ads are annoying af. I dont even watch anime and I know about it and to be honest, just saying I dont watch it is a bit of an understatement but getting into that would just be a fire fest. If you want to use an alternative site, here’s a list. I don’t really like anime but I know a couple of sites where you can see. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Well, sometimes but letting it load for a bit helps with that and doesn’t buffer anymore throughout the video. As the name implies, this site isn’t only limited to anime, you can watch cartoons on it too if you’re into that.

OP specifically said that the site’s ads are full of malware. I know this is an oldish post, but I was wondering if it’s possible to transfer your bookmarks from Kissanime to another site? This website usually gives higher quality on new releases too Masterani is good but not always the best quality. Masterani is honestly one of the best sites. Next they’ll be requiring you to disable your firewall and antivirus, or straight up provide your social security and credit card numbers.

I prefer otaku stream since they cover all my otaku needs and if they dont have an anime and you tell themin their chat section they guarantee they’ll upload it in a days time.


The amimecrazy ups can be constant but I’ve never been banned before and gotten viruses from the site. They have to keep the site running somehow. The only reason I bothered going to kissanime was because of their fast uploads.

What do you mean by hypocrisy? It blocks ads and pop ups so it gives some good protection.

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That’s one of the main reasons I’ve stuck with KA. Then to to Greasyfork. They use anime that was stolen from other gintaam and you are the one watching and requesting to watch.

So tragic that Animefrost had to shutdown because it did not want to become a site like kissanime full of ads etc. It doesn’t buffer for me and I watch at p. Go to their homepage at Github.

At this point you have to wonder if the website owners have any foresight. The problems you’re having with KissAnime are basically every illegal streaming site I see online episoode days. Just saw this but this comparison of web traffic between kissanime.

From what I can tell they only launched recently under AnimeHub. I found the kissanime alternative, maybe they are new site.

I’ve been on 9anime for episove now. You’re not doing any better, robbing creators and production company’s of their money when you refuse to pay to watch their shows ankmecrazy movies by instead watching it illegally on sites like kissanime. If you want to complain about bans or bad ads directly to the admin, you may do so here. These people need to stop pretending they own the content that makes them all this ad revenue Did I say ad revenue?

Long story short, Kissanime thinks they own your eyeballs and everything they view.

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Tbh I find that I enjoy subbed more because the Voice Actors seem a lot more expressive and chosen exactly for that character while english VAs sound like they’re trying too hard to be something they’re not. On top of this the ads they have are most likely the only ads they can get because of the legal issues with their site. To the left on the bar you will see Options.


Therefor, my parents wont care if I use the website on this Ancient Mayan Temple loot they found while in an Indiana Jones movie.

And it only happens at OPs and EDs for me. I almost used this today. Can I just give AnimeHub. If you wanted no ads then you go to the official releases and pay for it.

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Oh and don’t ruin other people fun just because you think something and it isn’t based on some evidence. Ok I know this was a month ago but I was trying to find a good site for this and somehow this is better than Crunchyroll wtf it’s got an actual community and the video player is HTML5 this is so good, thank you.

And “I feel like reporting the website to funimations legal team” You think they aren’t already aware of what Kissanime is?

Once others like masterani and 9anime start having the same amount of content as KA, gihtama will flock. One month later and I found this. I mean are we really going to complain? It’s not a big deal. And for popup blocking, I use AdGuard’s popup blocker script. Once I saw I couldn’t run adblock on a site I frequent I immediately looked for scripts to get around it.