Can always count on Gintama on is the ability to throw a few gags around in the middle of a battle arc and they don’t feel misplaced. Or more correctly ANYTHING that happened in that arc, like come on dude the show even outright says that shes in love with him like 5 times throughout that arc and multiple times after, hes even shown interest in her with one of them being displayed in the above image I dont see how theres debate about this, especially on this ep which has more ship tease moments for them, shes the main love interest at this point, or more like has been since red spider arc years ago, this is nothing new. Everything about the episode was so damn perfect! Though I expected the battle between Oboro and Gintoki to last a little longer, but well, Gin-san is just too badass to hold back. O he is soo COOL! Last edited by OnlyMyRailgun , Feb 5, As for the Shouyo-sensei’s face, I can quite understand the ‘disappointment’ since they never showed his face so I kinda expected some horrifying face you never know what to expect from Gintama but he looks indeed very normal and nice. I cannot see Oboro surviving that!

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The Nobume donut gag was funny at the beginning, another intense episode of the arc. StoicSamuraiMastaFeb 5, Also looking foreword to the summary of the arc in the credits with the spyair song playing I need to get my arse moving more. I doubt Oboro died considering the fact that Nobume is seemingly connected with him and we haven’t yet know the true nature of Nobume. Like I said earlier in the previous episode, this series might ultimately end in a threeway battle in the future.

Also, phasing out Oboro from the series would just leave some holes to the enxhousen plot considering we haven’t really know the true faces of the big bad yet who made a puppet ruler out of Sada-Sada’s ruthless ambitions. He did the same thing with Kondo a long time ago too.

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Everything about the episode was so damn perfect! StoicSamuraiMastaFeb 9, I can’t wait for the movie though, we all know that will just be amazing. Gintoki’s and Oboro’s fight was epic. BBCode Modified by edwd2, Jan 31, 3: I just hope Sorachi will gintaka a future arc about her past.

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Feb 8, Enchouesn 9, Gin-san is just so epic. This is perhaps the first arc where Gintoki actually killed another human being. And for the people discussing about Gintoki x Tsukuyo, if Gintoki were to end up with anyone, it would be Tsuki. Now that would be a sight I would like to see: What a BOSS fucking episode!


She even let Gintoki touch her boobs ;P.

I’m rewatching the Prison arc. Oh and a question once I finish all the anime episodes. BTW, Katsura is my favourite character and Ikumatsu, despite appearing in one enchoousen only, was engraved in my memory re-watch episode 39, it’s one of the best.

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All of those special guards for Kujuku were Amantos sp? Gintoki really kicked some ass this episode, with his wooden sword.

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Besides, Otae-san won’t take it too lightly, you know. I woke up at 5 Discusslon just to watch this! Jizzy, I know you have no idea how to argue for shit, tokiyashiro said: Which I don’t mind at all. I just can’t say enough about this ep