There needs to be evidence of impact; meaning shocked rock, impact breccia, etc. I can find nothing easily to say one way or the other. Maggnus says “Wow RR you’re trying hard to use some real loaded phrases to strike up a debate” I’m trying hard to show people the truth, and certainly not interested in your kind of personal attack debate, the same kind that has been succesful for 60 years in covering up the truth since Mr. Red Sea over the last years. Largest extinction event in Earth’s history you say? Con- provide opportunities for new observations and theoretical tinuing discussions on this topic started at the conference, developments based upon a better understanding of the and in accord with many points raised in other papers in this complexities of human-environment interactions.

America’s First Poster Child. This is just another bought and paid for attempt to cover up the truth of these matters, I suspect the goal to discredit the impact hypothesis was set out before dollar one of funding was spent. Science Age of Humans. This is systems in northern Mesopotamia. Show an example of “that” on any planet in any solar system and then you have a point. Subscribe Top Menu Current Issue. Out for your morning troll run are we?

They also found that samples presented in support of the impact hypothesis were contaminated with modern material and that no physics model can support the theory. He didn’t say that. Log In Sign Up. Con- provide opportunities for new observations and theoretical tinuing discussions on this topic started at the conference, developments based upon a better understanding of the and in accord with many points raised in other papers in this complexities of human-environment interactions.

In a review of resilience to storms in Caribbean island of climate changes and associated landscape responses for communities, Cooper highlights the importance of examining in-depth examination of their links to cultural events.

I saw a suggestion that there may have been a volcanic origin to the extinctions, and I wonder if that has any traction as an explanation? I am not necessarily looking for an impact crater here.


Please, no need to bow, I’m blushing! If that area was covered at the time by ICE, lots and lots of ice, the ice would’ve vaporised. The whole point of this article is that there is a dearth of evidence supporting even an airburst. Ancient DNA from the region paints a picture of remarkably stable animal and plant life in the teeth of plunging temperatures” “The samples were extracted from 15, to 25,year-old frozen sediment in southern Chukotka in north-eastern Siberia.

– Geophysical Monograph Series

The craters exist all right! Either of which a continent wide extinction level event could occur without leaving much in the way of cratering. Adjust slider to filter visible comments by rank. Science Age of Humans.

Geophysical Monograph Series

Force and Caverns in Alabama and address the role of instability rather McFadgen discuss the role of active tectonics in landscape than singular climate events on the fate of Mississippian development over long time scales by providing diverse chiefdoms in the southeast United States.

Please learn about thermal conductivity as well as kinetic energy and momentum. Click here to sign up.

Asymmetric polar caps that do exist support my theory. For that reason, the Clovis Comet theory may remain forever undead. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. Remember too, a large impact leaves LOTS of evidence, not just a crater. Increasing temperatures and changes in precipitation are These traitors to science spent millions but not dollar one investigating this perfect crater formation not by accident.

Along this line, Berkelhammer et al. Maggnus, there in your answer lies the problem, nowhere in that thick head of yours is there space for the thought that just maybe science has the date of the bottle neck wrong, just maybe that bottle neck coincides with one of the largest exctinction events in earths history, the ice age extiction of 12, years ago.

Whenever we are able to show flaws and think it is dead, it reappears with new, equally monogrsph, arguments. So how cloviw, instead of screaming loudly about how hard done by you are, you spend a little bit of time to set out your evidence supporting your assertation that the Clovis civilization was driven to extinction by a comet?


New research at Royal Holloway University in the U. And no ruling from me, I’m definately not qualified for that!

It’s even clearer that Chixulub. Remember me on this computer. A Review and Neolithic Example pp. No evidence for ancient comet or Clovis catastrophe, archaeologists say. As computers advance, encryption methods currently used to keep everything from financial transactions to military secrets secure might soon be useless, technology experts warn.

Both the differences and convergence of opportu- onment. And yet we find – at the same latitude as Greenland ice – permanently populated cities like Reykjavik, Arkhangelsk, and Fairbanks. Can you be more specific regarding where you think there are circular features? A widely-held and often-discredited theory suggests that a comet from outer space was responsible for killing off the Clovis culturea Paleo-Indian population living in the southwestern part of North America over 13, years ago.

Quantum computers will process significantly more information at once compared to today’s computers. So the comet theory is dead—really. America’s First Poster Child.

Wow please do enlighten us further!

The end of the Pleistocene Epoch was marked with steadily warmer temperatures and the great ice age glaciers that covered vast areas of North America were in retreat.

Barakn, dont go counting monoograph chickens before they hatch. Largest sefies event in Earth’s history you say? Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations brings together a collection of studies on the history of complex interrelationships between humans and their environment by integrating Earth science with archeology and anthropology.