Saloni is sure her dad wont sit quietly this time. What are you Pulkit? You have grown up but you still act all childhish. We will tell them everything then. Who gave you a right to point a finger at my family? Ganga reasons that MLA wont let them go to their house. Sagar and Ganga keep on talking about marrying the one she loves. I am waiting here since so long.

Did he change with time? Janvi says that was 10 years ago. Where do you stand? At times, I feel you are speaking about some other Sagar. MLA tells Niru to do justice now. I trust you this much. I will see what all ways you will use to take care of your spoilt kid! What has he done till date in his life?

No one took it seriously. She looks at him. Janvi remembers Sagar telling her not to tell anyone that they are dating. He climbs up first.

Madhvi thinks there is something for sure. Sahil readily agrees for the plan then.


Pulkit says Ganga did a big blunder. I will get them marry nicely in court. He has become adventurous. Sagar hints at Ganga. Pulkit tries to wake up Saloni. Janvi points out that Sagar has been the epiwode daring one in their college. I feel your relation is a bit ahead than friendship.

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You should think of it yourself. Saloni calls them both mad. Sahil too is uncomfortable about the matter. I should do something. All four of them sit down to make the plan.

You think two lovers should not worry about anything at all in life. Sagar gives them their tasks. I had come to warn your family members then also. What are you Pulkit?

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I will help you. He points his finger towards Niru. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sagar tells epizode not to worry about mom and Dadi. Sagar gets up and inches closer to her. My would-be husband is well qualified, multi-millionaire. Your own son is playing with law.


I have faced enough humiliation because of you.

Papa is a judge. You got me kidnapped. Sagar gives his intro. Ganga points out to their love letters.

I wont go anywhere. He shakes her out of her reverie.

You became judge but your family still acts cheap. They share an eye lock. Ganga tries to speak up but Saloni tells her to be quiet. He breaks her thoughts.

You both used to talk on phone even when you went to hostel. Niru tells him to be episoxe. Ganga makes Saloni smell chloroform. Janvi tells Madhvi that Sagar went out with Ganga.