After being asked a series of publicly humiliating questions, Jenny manages to wow the crowd with her opera singing skills. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Ted moves out of Brian’s room, possibly ending their friendship. Our four heroes find themselves at Ki’s house for a crazy and wild weekend as they try to mend their relationships and deal with their biggest surprise yet. Brian spends all day practicing, and at first lies to Jenny that he is good to play, but breaks down on their date, causing Brian to be benched until the last match. Brian has a night on the town with the FPS team, where they come across a “barcycle” and get drunk.

Retrieved May 13, Video Game Home School 03 Nov Jenny hopes to join the varsity team, but Mary asks Brian instead, ruining Jenny and Brian’s first date. Ted continues to see visions of drift car racing, and is asked to sign up for it by the Drift King. Add the first question. But the fans wanted more from the channel: This page was last edited on 21 March , at The wild and weird episode 2 is out.

Video Game High School is preparing for parent’s day. Ted feels that Brian is not always there for him, and that they are not best friends anymore.


Jenny gets the flu and has a strange dream, where episore has the chance of joining a pro gaming episoce at the cost of killing Brian. O’Doyle Kid Alec Masterson Ted shows up, hoping Brian will come back for FPS tryouts. Full Cast and Crew. Ted signs up for a summer job at the Napalm Mega Mall, while Brian is forced to try to find another school to go to, but his options are limited since he missed the deadline for scholarships.


August 18, [28]. Retrieved September 1, Start with Season 1, Episode 1. Hello all you wonderful backers. After being asked a series of publicly humiliating questions, Jenny manages to wow the crowd with her opera singing skills. Edit Did You Bghs

Utilizing mind-melting special effects, YouTube savvy, and live-action videos that appeal to gamers, VGHS was the logical next step in RocketJump’s evolution. To date, the first three seasons have generated more than million views. October 21, [40]. Would YouTube audiences watch longer videos?

Ted Wong Ellary Porterfield He struggles to fit in and clashes with The Law, and gets expelled, but signs up for first-person shooter FPS tryouts, and gets accepted onto the Junior Varsity JV team.

Video Game High School. Views Read Edit View history. Ted Wong Ellary Porterfield Law finds out that he’s been fired from Napalm and replaced by a new Law, who breaks some of his fingers.

Video Game High School: Season Two by Freddie Wong — Kickstarter

Retrieved July 19, Retrieved August 31, Ted moves out of Brian’s room, possibly ending their friendship. Update 23 For backers only. Ted at first tries to cover up his grief and maintains that Freddie was a great father, much to everybody’s concern. They meet the Drift King who bullies Ted into a drifting game, Ted goes into a hypnotized state after playing. Jenny and Brian make up over a game of DXM. Edit Details Release Date: This finally rallies the other students to join.


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It wasn’t just RocketJump’s audience that Hollywood wanted; it was the channel’s unique visual and comedic style, too. O’Doyle Riley Rose Critchlow Zachary Levi, FPS class, and mashed potatoes.

Retrieved October 15, Ordinary and wimpy high school student Brian Doheny rushes home to play his favorite online game, Field of Fire. Brian and Jenny seek adult advice for their teen woes, while Ki has no one seaon Wendell to help her through her existential crisis.

Working with Hollywood, YouTube-style RocketJump’s ability to make videos that felt like live-action video games drew interest from brands xeason celebrities alike.

Brian eventually comes to consider the FPS team better friends than Ted before they are picked up by the police. She pursued a career in opera and was classically trained.

Season 2 was confirmed during the latter half of by several of the people who worked on the first season.

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The Law then catches up to him, alone, and shows his hate for Brian by smashing his keyboard. At first she believes Shane is responsible, but pieces together to clues to find out that Wendell was trying to frame Shane for Cheetoh’s kidnapping.

When Brian and Jenny are alone they reveal to each other they both liked DXMa dancing game, when they were younger, and Jenny mentions that her mother is a coach of a professional FPS team.