Sign up for free! Alternatively you can paint the wires connecting the door to the ledge above, hop up and around to the Ladybug ledge and paint in the switch that Oswald can reprogram to make the smasher friendly. Enter the Shanty Shop. Forgot your username or password? So how did you either a find extra fireworks to blow up the side of the house or b sneak up to the door without the jumping making the invisibility ink wear off? In this area you can kick flower pots, blue lampoons, tables, chairs and lamp posts for resources. But, at least the mushroom and bird are do-able. Black Flag Xbox Guide.

Pulling the Mickey lever and zapping the screen it reveals will open up the next passageway, but first, from that top ledge where the lever and door are, get up on the rail on the left side facing away from the door and look for a ledge in the cliff behind the marionette’s legs. Use Oswald to reach the other side and paint the chest containing a Silver Pin. Luckyrabbit83 Follow Forum Posts: Use the Invisible Ink to get to the door with the projector. Keep me logged in on this device. Well, I kinda did both.

Drag the fireworks to the door with the sign and blow it up. Boards Disney Epic Mickey 2: You can stand back behind the turnstile and look up.

This walkthrough is episde property of TrueAchievements. Paint him in if he needs it, and look around for portions of the thick electrical wires that needs to be painted in.

You can still do it if the balcony doors are open, and you can see Alice’s eyes and the projector screen. Every spirit that you wake will give you a Golden Pin. Is there a switch to activate the door on the top? It sucks big time I cannot continue Unfortunately though the exit episose blocked by poisonous gases. Log In Sign Up.

Drag the fireworks to the wall next to the closed shop to get access to a chest with a Silver Pin and 2 episod chests. It means that I may have to drop a watch sketch and TV and anvil and kill the monster again.

Paint the terminal on the tree, distract the Spinner and Oswald will reprogram it. If it is not blue invisible ink in the well, paint the bushes until the blue ink flows. In the next area are a lot of trees, don’t use thinner on them before you have taken the picture! This is after I blasted the fireworks on the episore Revealing another projector on the ground, but there is green thinner spraining out the sides of the door and I can’t get through even though I see Gus Gremlin inside.


There’s a pin to be had here by riding the orange flower all the way up and jumping up to a ledge in the cliff.

You need to fill the tanks on the back with paint. But I went the way of the mushroom levers to the eye and spinning cards and where the door closes. By the way I have tried dying and resetting, start starting the level over from that spot but the eye door is always shut and the green thinner is always spraying. There is a bomb in each of the hands. As soon as he’s taken care of, watch for the replicator door to open and thin floatyrd the eye.

Sometimes there are multiple Episoce around so thread carefully.

Stuck in Wonderland Garden

Hop across the drum platforms, and end up underneath the clown face. If you look on the right hand side of Alice’s cottage, there is a grey machine.

Use Oswald to reach the other side and paint the chest containing a Silver Pin. I am in the Wonderland garden going after Prescott gremlin somewhere in bogeasy I believe this Is where you use the invisible ink to get past epissode eyes because they shut the doors on you before you can get to the porjector or i guess you use the fireworks to blast open the side of the ffloatyard where there is also projector. Get a picture at the photo spot up herethen thin out the cards right by it to reveal some fireworks.

In this level you should not be seen be hostile Spatters. Enter the Arcade and talk to Gremlin Flynn and let him copy your pins. Race the Autotopia Speedway. However, that also means that every time you return to the diorama, there will be twice as many enemies lurking around.

Disneys Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Walkthrough Part 14 – The Floatyard

Jump on the clowns nose, paint the ledge and jump on it. Things Are Worxing Out. If you fall off, use thinner on the bongo so the one on top falls down. You can’t use it yet, but there is a Hidden Mickey on the wall. Flaotyard does save your progress so you don’t have to do the whole level over. Go to the Mill and get some fireworks from the dispenser, drag it to the Camera Shop and blow up the fallen head.


You need to destroy the 6 panels on the floor to paint 3 gears and zap 3 terminals.

The game is still new to the world so I don’t know if many people have come across this “glitch” yet or maybe I’m missing something. You can use a floating platform to cross the gap, but there are also 2 platforms that both have a chest with a Silver Pin.

I’m supposed to make it to the top a a building guarded by an eyeball to kill the thinner sprayers on the side of that same building – you had to use fireworks to crack that wall that block my progress to the next level.

Paint the bongo and thin the path. The Bigger They Are Enter the Shanty Shop. He will give you E-Tickets. Take a picture now. A ghost with a Green E-Ticket will come out.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Walkthrough – Page 5

Don’t smash all the barrels yet! Push the cart to the other side. The Power episodr Two Walkthrough 5. Let Oswald boost you in the end so you can kick the rooster, stopping the skeletons from dancing and you can grab a Golden E-Ticket.

From the ledge with the Alice in Wonderland picture, there is a Real World Object across and to the right on a ledge that is a strange animal mouth. The Spladoosh on your side might explode, but this will only get you a warning. Repeat this 3 times. Spray Paint at the rotating claw in front of flowtyard to produce a playing card platforrm.