Or it doesn’t matter what field dominance the premiere project has, nor the exported avi? How to remove interlacing lines from imported old footage by Shane Ross on Jul 12, at 5: Submit a new text post. These sub-fields are sequentially scanned in odd and even lines within the image sensor. Maybe your problem is different. How to remove interlacing lines from imported old footage by Jon Doughtie on Jul 12, at 4:

Create an interlaced project, “i50”. Could you post one a small one so we can see it? If you open them in a progressive sequence they are in the wrong field order probably coz SD is lower and HD is upper first or vice versa I forget and the legacy SD would be around the wrong way. Are these horizontal lines interlacing or color banding? Similar Threads How can I know if Avi is progressive or interlaced?? An interlaced video is one where the perceived frame rate of the video is doubled without needing to use up extra bandwidth. Vimeo is a good choice. I’ve had this happen, and here’s what I think is going on.

In the “Compiler” aka Exporter I’m The editing or animation software that last rendered the clip had the field dominance set opposite that of the original clip. However, in this type of sequence, if you also select Reverse Field Dominance, Always Deinterlace retains the lower field. You can apply the field dominance to multiple clips in the timeline or project panel. Open Premiere Pro and your video project.

This option is useful for clips you want to play in slow motion or in freeze frame.

Horizontal banding/interlace problems on premiere cc at

Is the footage truly interlaced? I was adding titles to them the text in the bottom left corner that says song name, artist name, album, and label and exporting them to DVCPROHD for air. If pick the wrong one, it will be jerky like forward-back-forward-backthen you know it’s the wrong one if it was progressive, choose progressive.

The dialog can be used for any valid clip or valid track items that are not nested sequences or have no closed captioning that are in the timeline. However, playing a clip in slow-motion, creating a freeze frame, or exporting a field as a still image can make a single field distinguishable. This is a fairly quick process but might result in unnatural looking images if there is motion. This option discards one field retaining the dominant field specified for the project in the Fields setting in the New Sequence dialog box, General tab.


It is the best option for content that has more motion.

This will result in a combining of the footage that causes some motion blur known as interlacing. He attended Baltimore College, earning his B.

How to Deinterlace in Premiere Pro

The field order that is used is set when you make a new sequence. March 12th, Our website is daobe possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. But when the clip is slowed down or a specific frame is frozen, the single field may not distinguishable.

I the Premiere Compiler the frameserver plugin it can only ask for Progressive frames BGRA so any deinterlacing has already been dealt with.

How to premiede interlacing lines from imported old footage by Grace Grenier on Jul 12, at 7: Note that it and all other editing modes are full frame.

How to remove interlacing lines from imported old footage : Adobe Premiere Pro

The only work around is to make a Desktop sequence and edit in a custom mode ie it’ll be BGRA all the way though and thus in the sequence settings force the field order to trick the Premiere importer to flip it so that it’s the right way around.

Export it in an interlaced format too. Premiere Pro User Guide. Want to add to the discussion? In the Premiere Compiler the frameserver plugin it can only ask for Progressive frames BGRA so any deinterlacing has already been dealt with. I could really use some help, thanks.

About field dominance and field reversal. Ultimately premierre usually boils down to using only one field lower resolution or combining both fields reduced frame rate.


Select the clip on the timeline and select “Clip” from the top menu, then “Video Options” then “Field Options. Pause it and go up to Tools. By shagratt71 in forum Video Conversion. All times are GMT Now you have the Field Options window that you can use to select Flicker Removal.

Interlacing and field order

I imported the footage into the project Created a new sequence based on what i think is the correct format: Field Options Flicker Removal worked! Premmiere have to determine what the original video was.

This also results in the clip running at twice its original frame rate. How to record fkx on your screen using th Change the field order of a clip. That’s why it clears up the appearance of interlacing, but it also means iinterlacing losing half your resolution.

If you want to know what software to use Robert Godard began writing in for various creative blogs and academic publications. It is especially useful for graphics containing thin horizontal lines. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. In these instances, it intrelacing be necessary to deinterlace the image so those pairs of interlaced fields can be replaced by a single frame that is non-interlaced.

The inherlacing is interlaced B: However, mixed states are not supported for the field processing radio buttons. I’ll check the Adobe SDK tomorrow for you. If you press OK without changing anything, the state gets applied to all valid selected clips, overwriting any previous mixed state.