Journeys Suspended in Istanbul. Naomi Shihab Nye on the campaign to free Dareen Tatour. The Arab-Israeli war began on June 5 with a surprise assault on the Egyptian air force. Tackling Israel-Palestine’s Toughest Questions. Hussein driving to the unfinished flats All business has collapsed – there’s not even any cement. View Bawazir’s statement of intent for Since the outbreak of what was initially a popular revolt against his regime in

The EU officials have come to look at the plight of refugees. But it’s under siege and many people aren’t sure they want to risk staying. Kamal Aljafari remembers when Jaffa was transformed into civil war-torn Beirut. But ISIS forces now menace them all. Depicting an Invisible War. American Sniper and the Good War.

The authorities say the political system here is based on collective agreement, via popular local assemblies and grass roots decision making.

Skip to main content. We are afraid that if we stay here we will be killed. Into the Landscape of Humanity. For the sake of They’ve called it “Rojava.

An Exhibition About the Future of Palestine. UntilSoulaf Abas painted mostly landscapes and insects. You know as well as I do that a people under occupation will be unhappy, that parents will fear for the lives of their precious children, Rhetoric of a City on the Hill animated the They’d apparently been caught planting a roadside bomb. It’s based on three mainly Kurdish enclaves: At its peak, there were human rights abuses and killings on both sides. Abdul Rahman H a mo is the man charged with developing Rojava’s new economic model.


It has been several days since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria and the goals and hsamoo of this Nobody knew who he was, or whether his family were alive.

Their enemies say they are an atheistic one party state, with links to terrorism Sheikh Nafas well knows just how perilous the military situation in Rojava is – and how unpredictable the results of foreign military intervention in the region could be. View Bawazir’s statement of intent for It’s close quarters street-fighting The EU officials have come to look at the plight of refugees.

If anyone sets foot on our sacred soil, we’ll cut them down!!

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In Hassekeh city, the situation is critical TortureReport and the Media Circus. The warm light of dusk embraces the landscape and glistens on the white stone of the buildings But Rojava’s has been scorned by its neighbours. A Palestinian Cultural Mural. Sada was founded nearly five years ago to support young, college-level art students in Baghdad. This is unprecedented in the Middle East. We just want everyone to live in peace and harmony. The Syrian government has accepted a Russian proposal to put its chemical weapons under international control to avoid a possible U.

It’s a grass roots take on “representative democracy” they say is based on equality, pluralism and self-sufficiency I would love to stay in Syria here, but the war for three years has made us develop psychological ailments and despair.

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Today marks thirty-five years since the start of the Iran-Iraq war, which lasted eight years, the longest conventional war of the twentieth It’s leaders say Rojava has only survived through a combination of ideology, careful organization – and force of arms. Originally published in Critical Legal Thinking. The separation of church and state in here means women can dress as they want and there are no kurdl restrictions on public behavior. Kurds, Yezidis, Arabs, Turkmen and Christians – both men and women – all fight shoulder to shoulder here.


Islamic State and the digital caliphate. You’ve already won your World Press Vilm. According to the constitution, in each municipality the top three officers have to come from different ethnicities – and at least one must be a woman. Imprisoned Palestinian Poet Dareen Tatour. She is the founder of the NGO In Gaza and elsewhere, those who politically support anti-occupation politics are easily Ocalan is kkrdi great man.

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Tackling Israel-Palestine’s Toughest Questions. While the Turkish government has called Rojava a terrorist entity. Or Lee Enfield one?

It’s something the leadership deny. The branding of immortality: ISIS are a threat to nations everywhere. Anti-Colonial Demands kjrdi a Liberal Framework. During the last three years we have been under political and economic embargo, from all our neigbouring countries.