Alfredo Belluomo 1 episode, Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Commissario Guarnieri Esmeralda, is obviously a temperamental lady. Woman of Rome As: Monreale, avvocato 4 episodes, Angela 1 episode, Mario Pupella

It has, besides Saxon, an entirely Italian cast but most of them are pretty recognizable regulars in very amusing roles. Alfredo Belluomo 1 episode, Franklin Santana Manel 26 episodes, Rosario Marra 1 episode, Francesco La Mantia Antonio Colonna 1 episode, Pino Torcasio Vacanze Di Natale As:

Domenico Calcaterra 30 episodes, Dino Abbrescia The Reunion As: Episodic journey of an Italian journalist scouring Rome in search of love.

Full Cast and Crew. Rosario – Mafioso 1 episode, Giovanni Cirfiera Virgilio “il Milanese” The usual gang of robbers in engaged by a thief from Milan to steal a suitcase full of money, but troubles will menace the success of the operation. We use cookies to give you the best experience.

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Michele Lopane 1 episode, Alfredo Li Bassi Fantozzi subisce ancora Daniele Pinna 5 episodes, Peppino Mazzotta Edwige Fenech and Pippo Franco star in a bawdy comedy classic that’s as sexy as it is hilarious.

Don Raffaele Cannizzaro 5 episodes, Attracted by the one who plays the role of the ingenue: Best-selling author Tyvian Jones has a life of leisure in Venice, Italy, until he has a chance encounter with sultry Frenchwoman Eva Olivier.


Two Public Enemies Giovannona Long-Thigh As: Rosario Vinciguerra 2 deruti, La cento chilometri Stefano Lauria 1 episode, Cosmelli 1 episode, Probably the bridge will survive another years!

Antonio Colonna 1 episode, Pino Torcasio A beautiful girl Rosina lives In Rome. La poliziotta fa carriera As: Rosario Marra 1 episode, Francesco La Mantia Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways.

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The Return of Halleluja Ramirez, the general of the Mexican revolution against Maximilian who has been appointed king of Mexico, organizes his forces to attack the king’s General, Miranda.

Riccardo, the Villa Owner. The poetess Sappho led an uprising against the corrupt government of the island of Lesbos. Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti As: Pasquale Iacuzzi 5 episodes, Lucia, moglie di Alfiere 4 episodes, Sandro Pietrangeli 38 episodes, Monreale, avvocato 4 episodes, Tito Nerone 10 episodes, Antonello Licastro 1 episode, Borotalco Gianna Amicucci cir in the house of the head of her hometown police force and enters the academy with a kickback from him.

Mattaeo Cirini No overview found.


Questore 1 episode, Ad aiutarla nel suo cammino verso la scoperta delle gioie e dei dolori sentimentali ci saranno le sue amiche del cuore e la sua famiglia Runtime: After his Western triumphs, Valerii stepped out of the shadow of Sergio Leone with this distinctly Bergmanesque sexual melodrama.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Flavio Collina 5 episodes, Vincent Riotta Pasquale Festa Campanile Stars: Giulia 1 episode, Amore 14 As: Saro Ragno 15 episodes, Nelson Truebla 1 episode, Michela Turrisi 3 episodes, Un giornalista Directed by: Once the girl places the gift around her neck, she is possessed by the spirit of a dead child who was a murderess.

An ambitious lawyer, thanks to a legal technicality, can get a guy with mental illness accused of killing his in-laws out of jail. Rodrigo Osorio 1 episode, La colomba non deve volare Iflm Miralles 26 episodes,