Ideas about masculinity, sex and love die hard in places where a living is earned the rough way. Ennis was engaged to be married to a local sweetheart the following December. Makes me wan I picked this up at the library last night because it was a tiny book, perfect for today’s lunch time read. So frustrating that their love is really still not accepted or understood by society. I enjoyed reading the short story two weeks ago and finally had the opportunity to see the movie. Heath was talented, there was no denying that.

I find that reading a book, I really concentrate on it, nothing else around me exists, I enter the world of the writer, I might stop and think about what I’m reading once in a while, reread a particularly difficult or beautifully-written paragraph and even enjoy the way book is laid-out, the font, the margins, the spacing, the look of paragraphs on the page, and of course the feel of the paper I like thick, creamy hardback book pages. I’ll definitely have to check out more of Proulx’s books. There is just something so sad about this one; it always makes me ache for what Ennis and Jack could have had. Unfortunately, I have seen some spoilers before reading the book and knew the ending, but it still affected me: There’s no warning, no whistling descent to warn of the impending explosion – it’s just not there one second, and then it is, and there’s nothing to do but deal with it. A controversial story of forbidden love, the writing did not disappoint. This is a very short story, but it works at this length. Everyone should have the right to love freely and be loved back without being pointed at and tyrannized for showing such a beautiful emotion.

Ennis was engaged to be married to a local sweetheart the following December.


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Paperback55 pages. The scene at Jack’s parents’ house was rough, because I can imagine Ennis understanding the depth of Jack’s feelings for the first time, maybe, and being unable to change how things turned out would have to be hard. But if you like it, I am sure you will leave this story with a greater insight to what it means to be in love with someone. Brokeback Mountain set high in the Rockies and later made into a movie of the same name was originally published in the New Yorker.

But as a 12 year old, to be “gay” meant something bad and dirty and I never understood why. But, eventually, turns out he loved Jack more then decided to divorced his wife.

And that tears them apart. To ask other readers questions about Brokeback Mountainplease sign up. I felt for Ennis’ wife who had to hide her husband’s secret for years, working to support their two daughters while he pined for Jack. Anyway, I had to go to the library to stop them from billing me for a book I’d already returned, and while I was there, I hap I never really had any intention of reading this book.

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Brokeback Mountain, by Annie Proulx. The good news is the film is practically a scene for scene depiction of what is written here, which is such a rare occurrence where adaptations are concerned. View all 3 comments.

It is however a love story. Secara keseluruhan, saya suka Brokeback Mountain. Around the Year i View all 19 comments.

However, this beautiful film wouldn’t exist if not for this tiny story and for that I am forever g I’ve been meaning to read this short-story ever since I fell in love with the film years ago.


No, I am not homophobic my older brother is gay ; but I do get uncomfortable when reading about fentang men kissing.

Makes me want to crack open a bottle of whiskey and roll a joint. It’s all we got, boy, fuckin all, so I hope you know that if you don’t never know the rest.

Army Aviation, dalam film cerita seru perjalanan waktu fiksi ilmiah tahun Source Code. Hayes, Blair Blair Hayes. I didn’t mean to end on dilm a pessimistic note, but this is not a happy story. What a quick read!

Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx

It is a subject matter that I often stay away from yet the writing was so compelling that I read the entire story in mere minutes. Brokeback Mountain received massive c Also published as E.

Feb 10, Sidharth Vardhan rated it liked it Shelves: Brokeback Mountain – Annie Proulx – Kathleen. The Legend of Aang? There was no effort involved and by the nuancing of the narrator the book was interpreted for me.

For me, they are a bit too complicated to understand. For those of you who know me, you know I can get very outspoken about my leading men, and Heath has always made my heart beat faster.

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Weber, Billy Billy Weber. Ketika ia menjalani kehidupan gay yang tidak mudah dan mewah, ia terpaksa menjalani fraud sana-sini hingga ia dijebloskan ke dalam penjara dan menjalin sebuah hubungan special dengan Phillip Morris Ewan McGregor. Diakses tanggal February 10,