In both cases, the focus is on stimulating a love of reading, and in the latter case, also of creativity and expression. So why is it then, that the NGOs and defenders of ordinary people that now appear like mushrooms during rainy season also so commonly use the word ‘Taman Bacaan” in their proposals, as long as there is already word that fits, isn’t difficult, has only one meaning, and is based on clear principles: Because of the absence of traditional courts in Batavia which was established by the Dutch and the large number of ethnic groups that comingled there, there was a business opportunity for establishing renting libraries for manuscripts Iskandar, I will sometimes use renting library interchangeably for Taman Bacaans whose main motive is profit, whether they occur in the 19th century, or at present. I communicated with a number of Indonesian academics and academic librarians, some that have done research on similar topics. Although TBs should be strengthened, and can do much to complement libraries, they can never replace their role as centers of learning and knowledge.

In there were 1, level A libraries, level B libraries and 19 level C libraries Tjoen, Claudine Salmon , the link has become much clearer. In this way, a community of Chinese straddling two cultures was born. One of the unique features of the independent TBs in Indonesia seems to be the large variety of types, yet they still work together and help each other. I will then look at the naming of TBs, using survey data from Jakarta. The causes are amongst others: Many people read but they don’t put it into practice or relate it to real life, [ This caused Bandung to be seen as hip, and a trend-setter, with thousands of cars from Jakarta clogging the thoroughfares every weekend Iskandar,

In Indonesia, this aspect is curiously absent or very poorly represented.

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The first printing presses were brought to Indonesia to print legal documents for the government, and religious tracts for missionaries Ahmatp. This sudden increase in publishing did much to promote the use of Latin letters hoeroef olanda – Dutch letters at the expense of Jawi.

At that time I had spent almost one epusode living in Jakarta and Anakk a suburb of Jakarta and working for an NGO, and been very depressed by the sad state of public libraries even in the capital city.

One of the first “new Taman Bacaan” founded was tobucil, short for toko buku kecil small bookstoreowned by Tarlen Handayaniand Rani E. Inspired by idealism, and the insight that books and reading did not have to “boring” or “stiff” like in formal libraries, non-commercial TBs began to appear, which provided toys and colored pencils, in addition to books.

Our host took us through the houses, and on to our goal: I will sometimes use renting library interchangeably for Taman Bacaans whose main motive is profit, whether they occur in the 19th century, or at present. The Taman Bacaan TB reading garden.

In Yogyakarta before reformasi there were only 42 publishers, and most were members of the government publishing union Episodw Penerbit Indonesia, Ikapi The Union of Indonesian Publisherswhich made them eligible for government printing orders, but also imposed strict control on what could be published. McGlynn notes that the small size and the strategic location of the libraries spared the government the cost of a librarian, whose function would be assumed by a headmaster or teacher.


Certainly, many TBs do not last long, but for 22 Lomba marathon kreativitas, lomba kreativitas majalah dinding, lomba imajinasi berkelompok, lomba imajinasi gambar dan mewarnai [ An informant from Jakarta confirms that the renting libraries were booming in the jalanaan and s, because the purchasing power of readers was very low11 one book could cost as much 10 Dimaklumi bahwa pada masa kemerdekaan dan beberapa tahun sesudahnya itu Pemerintah Republik Indonesia baru berjalan pada tahap awal sekali.

Over 2, members have paid 2, rupiah for a member’s card with photo, and can choose between the 30, books available, spanning comics, novels especially martial arts novels,- and non-fiction. Some of the topics discussed were identifying needs and management systems for libraries, managing money and funding, developing library programs and increasing reading interest among the population ibid.

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This caused Bandung to be seen as hip, and a trend-setter, with thousands of cars from Jakarta clogging the thoroughfares every weekend Iskandar, The same guards had every day been watching television during their night shifts, and could have been taken annak an example of “lack of reading interest” or “oral society”, yet when presented with easy access to interesting material, the interest was not lacking.

To manage the operations more efficiently he set up “reading groups” of members where someone would take responsibility for everyone in the reading group returning the publications on time Arif, ; Sugarman, Thank you to all of them, to all the people I might have forgotten, and to all the volunteers, activists, authors, librarians, academics and readers in Indonesia!

Putu Laxman Pendit criticizes the idea that the intellectual and privileged class knows what the poor want to read, and that for example telling fairy tales to poor people is hide the truth from them. The term used initially TBM by the government in its program starting inand is generally associated with government supported TBs, however I have seen it used for autonomous TBs as well. The collections were also mainly books about Pancasilau, government doctrine and political propaganda of the New Order, which made the TBMs uninteresting to the local community, and unlikely to receive support from them.

The Olympics events perform several functions. Ford at the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs went out of their way to connect me to people with expertise and useful sources. My informants did not bring this aspect up by themselves, but when I suggested there might be a link to Islam, several agreed.

Authors, translators and newspaper editors were often one and the same person Salmon It would be very interesting to do archival research to learn more about these programs, but in any case the enthusiasm was short-lived.

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Finally, professional librarians in Indonesia are already suffering from “low self-esteem”, and from mailing lists it appears that some feel that TBs exaggerate this feeling, by making it seem that anyone can do the job of a librarian see Sudarsono, Gola Gong from Rumah Dunia also makes extensive references to Islam and its commandments when explaining his inspirations in his autobiography Gong, 26 Semenjak pindah, moto Tobucil jadi berubah “Literacy in Your Everyday Life”, karena kita percaya perubahan dimulai dari hal kecil.


Lastly, they suddenly confronted Malay speakers with a considerable volume of historical, philosphical, technical and literary information, translated from both Chinese and European languages. The exhortations also frequently proclaimed the poverty of the manuscripts owner often written in rhyme: There was also a strong growth in publishing after Reformasi, with many new publishers established both in halanan cities in Java, and in smaller episoe. Watsoncited in Drewes for suggesting that their was a strong link between the peranakan literature and the Balai Pustaka, and also completely discounted the Chinese contribution to lending libraries by stating that there had been no significant lending libraries in place before the Balai Pustaka see below Drewes These collections included both religious texts and general educational material, which were mostly available to anyone who wanted to read Azra, personal communication, Although mainly a national movement, some international donors have contributed funding to certain institutions like Buku.

According to Ace Suryadi, Director General of Non-Formal and Informal Education, about TBMs existed inand they seem to have grown to a maximum of about 7, although this number seems suspiciously high Suryadi, cited in Bella, ; jzlanan.

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Informant R explained the phenomenal growth with the fact that many of these organizations are run by youth, who are prone to follow trends. Examining the large-scale library project using volunteers attempted by the Sukarno government in the ‘s, and the first Taman Bacaan Masyarakat project by the Suharto government in the ‘s, it is tempting to draw parallels to the movement to provide accessible preventive health services to all Indonesian through what were called Integrated service posts Posyandu14 begun in In addition, the idea of providing simple but large-scale access to libraries for poor and rural communities goes back to the Balai Pustaka libraries that started inand is reinforced by the attempt to set up thousands of village libraries run by volunteers in the years after independence.

Di sana mereka mulai tertarik pada buku. It seems undeniable that at one time in the history of Java, members of communities of Chinese origin played a determining role by spreading the habit of reading, through taman bacaan or lending libraries, and then by being the first to take advantage of printing, recently spread by Europeans.