Other than that, all the thrills are by the book or non-existent. Informing Handler of her encounter with Embry, Katie asks him if the two of them can just leave, but Handler insists on putting a stop to Embry’s threats. Share this Rating Title: Frequently Asked Questions Q: Audible Download Audio Books. For instance, there is a scene where Katie first sees Embry’s return in a room that consists of a strobe light.

Views Read Edit View history. Edit Did You Know? There is a scene where Katie ventures back to Embry’s country house for the first time since his disappearance and the scores soft yet moody use of the piano during this scene is enough to convey the emotions that the character is feeling. Full Cast and Crew. She carries herself so well during this film it makes you wonder what she can really do in a movie that has a better focus. Goofs In the choir scene, Embry calls for just the sopranos to sign. Amanda Luttrell Greg Kramer

Amanda Luttrell Greg Kramer Shortly thereafter, Harrison seemingly disappears from campus. An investigation of a college student’s missing boyfriend becomes quite strange when she begins fi,m see him periodically. This page was last edited on 6 Januaryat It is based on the book Adams Fall by Sean Desmond. Abandon is more a character study with the atmosphere of a thriller.

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Full Cast and Crew. We learn through these sequences that Abandoon and Katie were a very happy couple, with a possibly nice future ahead of them. Views Read Edit View history. An orphaned young man of considerable means, Embry had purchased two tickets to Crete before his disappearance; the tickets had never been used and Embry’s financial assets had not been touched since his disappearance.

Distraught over Embry’s disposal of her, Katie picks up a rock and strikes him from behind repeatedly, killing him. Informing Handler of her encounter with Embry, Katie asks him if the two of them can just leave, but Handler insists on putting a stop to Embry’s threats. Edit Did You Know? However, things begin to unravel when Katie’s past comes back to haunt her. There is also an interesting tidbit about how she attracts men and doesn’t even realize it.


There is a more compelling story to be told here and I think if he would’ve explored it more this film could’ve been much better. Abandon falters when it tries, at great lengths, to scare and surprise its audience. Abandon is a American psychological thriller drama film written and directed by Stephen Gaghanstarring Katie Holmes as a college student whose boyfriend Charlie Hunnam disappeared two years previously.

I will say that I did buy the relationship between he and Katie that developed during the film. He does a good job of making Embry into a very spoiled and eccentric personality but there is something about this that hurts his character development. The film co-stars Zooey Deschanel and Gabrielle Unionwith Benjamin Bratt playing the detective investigating the boyfriend’s disappearance.

Reception was largely negative. To make matters even more complicated, Detective Wade Handler Bratta recovering alcoholic, reopens the two-year-old police investigation into the disappearance of her boyfriend, Embry Larkin Hunnam. Some critics found it unbelievable but for this story I felt that it worked on a certain level. B- I was a little hard on this film when I initially reviewed it upon its release.

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Abandon has a lot of positives but a thriller it certainly is not. Other than that, all the thrills are by the book or non-existent. Abandon is about a beautiful young girl named Katie Burke Katie Holmes who is nearing her graduation from a very prestigious school.

Holmes usually turns in adequate performances in supporting roles such as in Wonder Boys and The Gift. Fleeing from the house and finding comfort in Handler, Katie begins an affair with the detective which spurs her to complete her thesis.

Abandon’s biggest strength is what isn’t shown in the trailers. While watching a making of feature on the DVD I learned that he had never even picked up a camera to record anything as he was growing up. A police detective, by the name of Wade Handler Benjamin Brattis investigating the disappearance of Embry Langan Charlie HunnamKatie’s wealthy and sometimes eccentric ex-boyfriend. Confiding these troubling events to her friends, most notably her roommate Samantha DeschanelKatie learns that during her relationship with Embry, he had acted extremely jealous and even violent toward another of Katie’s admirers, Harrison Mannfor whom Katie held only platonic feelings.


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They’re singing to God about God. As they walk into one of the building’s old tunnels, a former spot for Katie and Embry’s trysts, Katie begins to interact with Embry, but Handler sees no one. In this film everything is on her shoulders and she comes out of it on top. Goofs In the choir scene, Embry mitseriosi for just the sopranos to sign.

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The flashbacks are backed by a very moody score and a sense of realism that make for really good scenes. The film opened at 7 at the U. Retrieved from ” https: Another asset that Katie brings to the role is a nice mix of naivety and sex appeal.

Samantha Harper Fred Ward Mousy Julie as Melanie Jayne Lynskey. Katie Burke, has graduated, and finally gets the job she has always wanted. Who was filmm best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? Was this review helpful to you?

Realizing that it is the skeleton of Embry Larkin, Handler is suddenly struck from behind and falls into the water, echoing Embry’s murder two years prior. Half the flashbacks show him as a pampas asshole. With Handler closing the investigation, citing that Embry Larkin was indeed alive, and resigning from his job as a detective, he and Katie plan on temporarily retreating to Handler’s cabin in New Hampshire. Retrieved June 12, When a character is mostly unlikable it’s very hard to care about what dastardly deed was committed against them.