I’m extremely excited to find out what they think of the P1 and the Alfa 4C should be awesome: Show posts by this member only Post 5. Can’t wait for their truck driving episode! I love their big trips although the Source of the Nile was a bit boring to me. I liked it a lot. Can’t wait for Season 21 to get started. I loved JC’s trolling on the

PhoenixClave Tue, Jun, Ya ya I got that loud and clear. SuperFrog Sat, Jun, The Season finale was Sunday night in the UK Anyone see the newest episode 4? There really isnt any new cars that I particularly care about. They were witty, funny, and full of charm.

I’ll be looking forward to that potential review!! Oh for what it’s worth, both my sons 8 and 12 think the McLaren was the best looking car of the three roadsters.

Find the putlocker link and it downloads in under 4 minutes: Jul 2 Look at all my stars!! Never thought I’d say it, but its time wish they’d replace james with Tiff Sent from my eyefone.

The bits of them in the airport were: A comedy show with car. So I can’t wait either this is my favorite show on the telli. I’d be pretty damn happy. Show posts by this member only Post 1. Who watches this show for objective car reviews and comparisons? The Bolivia Special is my all-time fav episode I think. Top Gear Season 20, Episode 1.


Usually that’s nearly seamless in topgear. Wish there would have been more on the Hahahah Also, bugs me that Sundevil used loose instead of lose. Even if I am not watching it, I love having it on in the background.

Mark’s interview was awesome.

Top Gear Season 22 Episode 02 HD – Dailymotion Video

Cheap car challenges are the best, I go back and rewatch old episodes with the cheap challenges all the time I like the travel episodes. Their cheap Alfa challenge is usually the first one I show friends, so I guess you could say that’s my favorite episode.

Sunday, February 9, 4: The Season finale was Sunday night in the UK I think they’re focusing too much on Top Gear Live it fifthh energy and effort away from the show.

Still much better than the American fail top gear and I say the show still has life left not as a car reviewing show mind you but as an entertainment show that is car oriented.


Top gear always no 1. Flfth there were films, very much in the vein of the original. At least we got one good episode. Reviews by chris harris agree! Why would I watch it, let alone “grind my teeth” about it? VailM3 Tue, Jul, More British celebs driving shitty econoboxes to varying degrees of “shitty? Cheeze Wed, Jun, X2 – sent from Galaxy S4. SunD3v1L Thu, Jun, James admitted that the only thing that he did was try not to fall of from 22 yacht?

Top Gear Season 22 Episode 02 HD

JC’s elongated panda was: Road Testament can suck a bag of dicks though. Adam will keep this show alive until 1 is accomplished. Watch TG for entertainment about cars tenfifteen Wed, Jun,