It was then that Roger Little, seeing the time has come to act, reveals his anti-entropy ray. Bernard Dwyer relating one of his dreams. When you do damage to Chaugnar Faugn, he cannot have more than 3 doom tokens removed from his doom track during any round of combat. A third give the creature a more dessicated body and more humanlike hands, which sit upturned as if Chaugnar Faugn is trying to make a point or draw attention to itself. The creature’s shoulders are broad and rigid, with a titanic chest and a wide rounded stomach that gives it a look of a decadent appetite. Chaugnar, now an expanding force in the sky, reappears and tries to grab the three who hurt it so, but then vanishes, The dawn comes.

However, when certain ancient rituals are performed at his feet, the figure gradually animates itself, with the rock taking on life contours, breathing and pulsing. This proboscis is a fusion of the nose and upper lip that descends for about a meter and a half, ending in a bulging nasal disc. He sent his field workers to the most primitive and dangerous parts of the world for artifacts. Long also incorporated a dream of H. Finally, the Horror of the Hills can physically affect a person causing an effect similar to a fulminating heart attack. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

The trio now get a phone call from the museum that Chaugnar Faugn had left the museum, and is now roaming the streets of Manhattan.

The demonstration of courage, however, must be remarkable to the point of awakening the attention hortor a God. When you do damage to Chaugnar Faugn, he cannot have more than 3 doom tokens removed from his doom track during any round of combat.

MooreJuly 2,in Selected Letters: Despite this granting a certain degree of protection, Chaugnar Faugn would hardly forget a provocation and ignore someone who crossed his path. They also interviewed a Chinese laundry boss who was guided by a dream to come to the museum and be eaten by Chaugnar. After being satisfied, the God sometimes shares with his faithful a gift, sprinkling on them a spray of black blood which, according to the cultists, prolongs life and constitutes a kind of sacrosanct communion.

Facing this colossus physically, for obvious reasons, is not a bright idea. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

Richardson had spoken of it in an account of the tortures he endured at the hands of its subhuman worshippers. Once in contact with its prey, the disc is fixed by suction, while filaments penetrate the skin and begin to suck the blood like a siphon.

After the inquest, the idol was put on display in the museum. In the center of this magnificent Temple erected with marble, a grand statue of Chaugnar Faugn rests on a pedestal of onyx, adorned with gold offerings and musk incense illuminated by thousands tje candles that punctuate the darkness of the great chamber.


Chaugnar Faugn, Horror from the Hills

Chaugnar Faugn rfom a fearsome opponent if forced to fight. Ulman’s face now had an elephantine trunk and huge ears, hardly explainable by disease or plastic surgery, and his body was already beginning to decay. However, when certain ancient rituals are performed at his feet, the figure gradually animates itself, with the rock taking on life contours, breathing and pulsing.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Anytime an investigator encounters Chaugnar Faugn, he or she must discard either 1 ally or 3 Clue tokens or be devoured by the creature.

Another one you can find bears a more striking resemblance to an elephant, though the creature sits on a pile of human skulls, has draconic features in its ears and down its spine, and has proboscis-like horns flowing down caugn its waist. The novel is part of the Cthulhu Mythos. For long periods of time, decades or even centuries, Chaugnar Faugn adopts this inert form as if it were just a solid stone sculpture.

It appeared in the January and February—March, issues.

Mundo Tentacular: Chaugnar Faugn – The Horror from the Hills

They received human sacrifices from the people of Pompelo -until the Romans wiped them out. Chaugnar Faugn’s high priest and spokesman explained to Ulman that Chaugnar -and his 5 brothers- once lived in an inaccessible cave in the Pyrenees, served by humanoids that Chaugnar created, the Miri Nigri. With the exception of the cristaline tusks, the statue appears to have been entirely carved into a frpm block of dark stone. The pedestal was also of an ugly unidentifiable stone.

Chaugnar, after many transformations, reverts to a mantle of glowing slime, and finally fades away. This meant that Chaugnar and his brothers were actually connected hyper-dimensionally. An individual assaulted by this attack has his heart crushed by a relentless force that seems to sit on his chest. Though Chaugnar is now gone, Little ponders the possibility that he may someday, after ages, return to ravage again.

Chaugnar Faugn

Lovecraftletter to C. At the same time papers reported a massacre in the Pyrenees, with gigantic footprints ranged around the 14 dead, headless trom. In most places, their horrible beliefs were repulsed, but in a few localities, Chaugnar Faugn’s seed found fertile soil to rfom.

Desiring to have hilsl race of servants, he used tissue extracted from these amphibians, to create the Miri Nigri, dark-skinned dwarves endowed with a rudimentary intelligence who would fulfill all their desires. Horrr using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If Chaugnar Faugn is somehow seriously injured, he simply reverses to his rocky form by becoming static. Chaugnar is unable to move fast enough, when his feet get caught in the shore mire, and the ray is fdom on him and the three endure its awful bellowing.


Chaugnar would have stood his ground and attacked them, but the ray proved painful and forced him to turn and run. The third Chaugnar Faugn fhe allows the beast to devour the first player encountered, while also improving its combat rating by Chaugnar Faugn and his brothers then destroyed Pompelo and the former then moved to Asia to await the “white acolyte”: Ulman was made to take the idol back to civilization to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Roger Little, formerly a criminal investigator and now a mystic recluse, who had even see mythos phenomena. It does not cross rivers or lakes, and people on the run can seek refuge in these areas to escape their persecution. Before their eyes, Chaugnar de-evolves and slowly, horribly disincarnates.

Finally, the Horror of the Hills can physically affect a person causing an effect similar to thf fulminating heart attack. There exist theories that conjecture the vaugn of other statues of Chaugnar Faugn and that the God is able to inhabit them, granting them life. On occasions when he is not furious or hungry, the God has fun in simply play with his captives, burying his nails in them, tearing his flesh or tearing off whole pieces of skin, until he tires.

Ulman rambled on about theories of alien life prior to the organic life that now inhabits earth, and to convince Algernon, unveiled his mutilated face. At the same time, Chaugnar’s 5 brothers also have vanished in the Pyrenees before they could do any further havoc, leaving but 5 pools of rotten slime.

It is known that the cult was implanted in Afghanistan, present-day Pakistan and northern India where the God became associated with Hindu divinity Ganeshabut the final destination of the pilgrims’ journey took them to the heart of Asia where finally Chaugnar Faugn ordered them to settle permanently. Some refer to him as an elephant god, yet a more careful observation realizes that it is not really an elephantine being, but something much more bizarre and disconcerting.