As explained in the film, many of those who engaged in the atrocities were coerced into doing so by warlords from various political and tribal factions, often facing certain death if they failed to cooperate. Those interested in alternative means of making peace will be intrigued by the quiet power of this profoundly moving film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fambul Tok is beautifully and courageously filmed. As popularized in Sierra Leone, listen to the Fambul Tok jingle. Savage later admits to his role in the violence and plans to return to for a fambul tok. Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur October 6,

It takes us to the aftermath of the brutal Civil War in Sierra Leone and shows us an organic grassroots process through which a broken country is attempting to heal its wounds. Though a village chief is hesitant to reconcile with Savage, he acquiesces to the will of the village’s people and forgives him. The film was directed by journalist Sara Terry and it premiered at the South by Southwest film festival. Retrieved from ” https: The film opens at a bonfire in Foendor, a village in Sierra Leone. Explorations of Intent June 2, View a video introduction to Fambul Tok and watch the documentary film made about Fambul Tok. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Women celebrate a rice harvest on a community farm in Madina in Sierra Leone’s Kailahun District, bringing together reconciled fambup and perpetrators of the country’s civil war, in director Sara Terry’s “Fambul Tok.

A United Nations Development Programme publication estimates at least 70, deaths and 2. On some level, the Fambul Tok participants understand the conscious creation concept dealing with the inherent connectedness of all things in the reality around us.

Joseph admits to the rape, but says that he was forced by rebels to commit the act under threats of death. Through a process that is brilliant in its simplicity Fambul Tok shows us how the people fambup Sierra Leone’s vilm villages are gathering together around fillm and forgiving each other for the murders and rapes that that tore their country apart.

The film covers the process of reconciliation among community members that have been affected by fwmbul Sierra Leone Civil War. Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur October 6, The site of a community consultation in Sierra Leone’s Kailahun District where human rights workers met with local constituents to determine whether the villagers wanted to participate in an innovative, grass-roots reconciliation initiative, the subject of the inspiring documentary, “Fambul Tok.


The film has received mixed reviews from critics. Mohamed Savage, nicknamed “Mr.

The power of the simple act of apology and forgiveness that is demonstrated is remarkable and awe-inspiring. Through interviews with Caulker, the documentary illustrates how the program came into being and the significance of its methods, which were founded on traditional principles of Sierra Leonean culture.

Fambul Tok is a documentary film about an organization that aims at reconciliation and forgiveness in communities that were affected by a long-running civil war in Sierra Leone. And, remarkably, forgiveness is nearly always the result, even in the most egregious cases. Full Cast and Crew. Meditation on a Common Fate November 1, Fambul Tok Just another WordPress weblog.

Languages Fiji Hindi Edit links. Nyumah left and Sahr rightbest friends torn apart by the Sierra Leone civil war ofget reacquainted just a few days after a dramatic bonfire ceremony that reconciled their friendship in the documentary “Fambul Tok.

From tothe West African nation of Sierra Leone was plunged into a collective madness. Help fund a reconciliation ceremony today! Share this Rating Title: She identifies one of the men as Joseph, her uncle. The name describes a tradition of nightly bonfires in which family members discuss events and solve problems. Whoever said peace only comes at a high price obviously never met the people of Sierra Leone. View an annotated slide show of the elements of Fambul Tok. It premiered at South by Southwest in and it was first shown in Europe during that year’s Raindance Film Festival.

Journalist Sara Terry directed the movie.

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Archived from the original on January 8, Add the first question. Tamba Joe was a native son who joined rebel forces during the war and committed violent acts against members of his community. Those interested in alternative means of making peace will be intrigued by the quiet power of this profoundly moving film.

Fambul Tok 7. When rebel forces accosted the men 17 years earlier, Sahr and Nyumah were boys. It never loses sight of its objectivity, no matter how emotionally painful some of its individual stories are, yet it ultimately delivers an undeniable message of hope, enlightenment and inspiration, one that we all could learn from.

Author Sara Wiseman shares her journey October 1, In the wake of the conflict, the government established a special trial court to prosecute war criminals, and over the course of many years and exorbitant expenditures of funds, the court tried only a handful of criminals. Much of the film focuses on the search for a man named Tamba Joe and his commander during the war, Captain Mohamed Savage.


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Fambul Tok was Terry’s first feature-length film. John Caulker is the founder of the nongovernmental organization known as Fambul Tok. Sierra Leoneans were often forced into service with rebel forces and made to commit acts of atrocity against their neighbors in the community.

The title of the film is the organization’s name, which translates to “family talk” in the Krio language. The film focuses on three stories at which Caulker and his organization facilitate fambul tok reconciliation talks. Search for ” Fambul Tok ” on Amazon.

Join Our Mailing List. Nyumah and Sahr reconcile after Nyumah admits to his actions and asks for forgiveness. Flim are dedicated to advancing peace by mobilizing ordinary people—entire communities ravaged by war—in the hard work of reconciliation. Nor does it need to be. The war lasted from andas three factions warred for control of the struggling nation. When Sahr refused, the rebels forced Nyumah to severely beat Sahr and to slash the throat of Sahr’s father.

Yet, fjlm the Fambul Tok program, perpetrators have an opportunity to be welcomed back as full-fledged members of their villages, resuming their place as participating constituents of their communities.

gok Brent also maintains a blog on the subject through his web site www. While the process would have to be different in a large urbanized nation, we need to begin to consider how we can heal the wounds and divisions in the United States famgul have left us with a broken social contract, a divided society, and a polarized political debate.

Over the years there have been countless public examples of apologies being accepted by victims from high-profile transgressors only to have the perpetrators continually criticized by outsiders after the fact.

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