They move to the right. Lack of grip in the wet with considerably increased wet braking distances and poor aquaplaning resistance. The Results 1 st: Click on a flag to visit our foreign web-shops. Good snow handling, good wet braking, good resistance to aquaplaning Negative: Long dry stopping distances, an average comfort and fuel economy.

The other all season tyre worth considering would be the Michelin CrossClimate SUV , depending where in the world you are. Also the back tyres are very nervous, not steady on normal conditions. Read Reviews 9 th: Read Reviews 5 th: Really quiet, comfortable and didn’t lose traction in the mild snow we have had whereas the summer rear tyres did when slightly pushed in corner. This test confirms that, but it faces close competition from the only summer-bias all season tyre on the market, the Michelin CrossClimate. Negative – Poor snow grip, poor wet handling, high rolling resistance.

December heavy snowfall 7″ in Worcestershire, the Falken AS were terrific, they sailed over deep snow, slush, and sheet ice. Good wet handling Negative: I’ve done about miles now and no real complaints good in rain, alright in dry and haven’t tested them in the snow yet.

Falken Euroall Season AS200

Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 Total: Understeering in the dry. Limited winter use with understeering handling and less traction than a full winter.

Good snow handling, good wet braking, good resistance to aquaplaning Negative: In reality, have got rid of a set of part worn summer tyres and will replace with AS when they finally need replacing. They are fitted to a Subaru Forester and together they seemed unbeatable, iced hill starts, deep snow, slush just driven over without hardly a wheel spin.


2017 All Season VS Winter Tyre Test

The Goodyear all season tyre managed to beat the Continental winter tyre during the snow braking test, and the Nokian all season tyre just edges out the Continental during snow handling. I changed for comparising these tires for continental summertires and these tires reacted much better on dry conditions. In summer, it maintains a proper saeson and takes care that the tread does not wear out too fast. Vredestein Quatrac 3 Total: Viewed products Here you will see a list of testbwricht recently viewed products.

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Their tyres are rated as medium-class products, as their feature the best value for money ratio and a balanced performance on any type of surface. Group tyre testsMagazine tyre testsWinter Tyres. In the corners by dry weather you got a bit of understearing. Wheel Diameter Select 13 14 15 16 17 Good acceleration and braking on snow, good handling on wet and dry roads, low rolling resistance Negative: I hope the deep open tread pattern will make them suitable for mud and snow in the coming winter.

Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason Total: I put these tires under my car a week ago.

Falken EUROALL SEASON AS – Tyre Reviews

So now i am sure that i will never use these Falken euroseason tires ever again. Great in the snow, since I’ve had them haven’t need the snow chains and this has involved some pretty scary mountain roads in a couple of inches of snow.


Convincing all-season tires with well-balanced road performance on snowy and dry roads. The test winning Goodyear places fifth, at metres. With the use of the Japanese production technologies, the tyre is silent and cost-efficient. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Bridgestone A Good wet and dry handling Negative: The only small niggle I have is I just had to swap the rear tyres with the front tyres a bit earlier than usual due to wear.

Published at September 27th,8: Good resistance to aquaplaning and good wet braking Negative: Had planned to “drive them out” and buy some new ones however, 8k of driving over the summer months and only 1mm loss of tread so guess they will do another winter.

Click if you live in Ireland. Height Select 40 45 50 55 60 65 Read Reviews 8 th: Stay in touch and follow us on the most popular social networks. It didn’t snow much last winter so I could not compare them to my winter tyres.

Falken tyres are trusted by car manufacturers as they were used as the original equipment on vehicles by Suzuki, Subaru or Daihatsu.