A black eye was forming, his head pounded in pain, his own blood joined Levy, Jet, and Droy’s on his clothes and body, and he was pretty sure Gajeel had damaged some of his soft muscle tissue. I shed a tear too: Cartwheeling away from Gajeel’s latest attack, he took in another mouthful of fuel upside down, bursting it out in a fireball towards Gajeel before twisting in air and landing with katana in hand on a half-destroyed tabletop. Juvia is the best hahaha but this was a good episode. Juvia is the best one in this episode, followed by Virgo though at the manga it was Cancer Lucy summoned: This arc is not letting me down so far. Juvia was super hilarious! Hoteye who is Wally’s older brother and Cobra artifical dragon slayer of poison.

The return of the mediocre group fight animations was surprising but I guess the budget is saved for the better parts. A girl in my class said that and I just stared at her… Thanks, and I hope this makes you feel better! Screaming and hands on his eyes, Gajeel stumbled back, giving Natsu a minute break. Juvia stand out in this hahaha ao funny x3 Natsu’s still motion sick as always and there’s this part that Lucy almost looked like as C. Boring first half, interesting second half. She’d swung her foot up with all her ninjitsu strength and nailed him right where the sun doesn’t shine. Just keep piling up the Rave Master fanservice Mashima -I’m trying to forget the manga as much as possible, so I don’t know how much they censored Erza’s eye loss, but the implication was still there. Though it caused him to feel slight guilt on behalf of his suffering guildmates, Natsu grinned amongst the chaos.


By now, Lucy was shaking in anger, but she knew attacking him was no use. I didnt really love fariy arc, it was okay, I guess I Just disliked the characters from Erza’s childhood, in particular Sho.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. I loved Sho’s rant, the dtw for it was over the top but he had a good performance and the music was perfect.

Not bothering to protest further, she let him lift up her legs and hoist her up. Ooo, super angry Natsu still coming up! You’re so sweet – thank you and hope you liked this one! She trusted him enough to jump to her death in faith that he would be there. Snorting, Lucy brushed him off, “What will you do to me if Taip don’t tell you?

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But I thought it was a reasonable pace that’s still enjoyable, imo, without having to make it into more episodes. Though it caused him to feel slight guilt on behalf of his suffering guildmates, Natsu grinned amongst the chaos.

I love ninjas so much – I will! Haha, I’m glad you found it – you’re so nice! I guess we’ll find out…. Been worried about epispde Um, I will near the end.

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But you’ve got to love crazy psyco jealous Juvia!! You are back for good. I found an entrance underwater.


By the way who are you? That’s what I do. Dread coiling in her chest, Lucy was pretty sure she knew the answer to the question before she asked it. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Better choice might’ve been Sakurai Takahiro? D It was dubbeed of my favorites too!

Yes he is a member of Fairy Tail. D Juvia FTW garfield15 said: We’re outnumbered and injured; we must retreat! I’m always a sucker for a good tragic dugbed, plus things seem to be moving along well. Ooo, you’ll see… Thanks, and I’ll try!

Runaway Lucy Heartfilia finally gets to join Fairy Tail, house and school for homeless kids. I won’t leave now-” “Me neither-! Natsu didn’t have to wait, though – I wrote it faster than I posted so he got episod before you guys hehe.

Shit fightning scene, but hot Lucy in her swimsuit. But as she fell, stomach in her feet and going so fast she couldn’t even shriek in terror, she heard, ” LUCY!

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That sounded more like him. I wouldn’t let ya! A large man with a blindfold was already on the rafter that Gajeel perched on, though Natsu hadn’t seen him before.