The kingdom was dissolved in and it’s territory became the most influental region in the newly proclaimed Czechoslovakia. He now acted as chief of staff for Antonov-Ovseyenko. It is also revealed that he has been in Hungary before the war during manoeuvres: Eine kleine Stadtgeschichte Radio Praha, Kusmanek arrived in Kiev on an express train, first class, on 25 March. Later on the empire is mentioned by the pious field chaplain in [I. Links Il formaggio gorgonzola:

The Bosnian capital was on 28 June the scene of the murder of Franz Ferdinand , an act that indirectly led to the outbreak of World War I. Moravia is a historic region in Central Europe which is no longer an administrative unit. In adverts in Prager Tagblatt Korpskommando tries to lease out fruit from the trees at the exercise ground. The event referred to in the novel is by near certainty the situation on the Galician battlefield in late November Vltava is first mentioned in the anecdote about the man who jumped from the bridge in Krumlov. New Guinea is the second largest island in the world and is located just north of Australia. The latest name change took place despite strong protests from the Czech deputies in the Reichsrat.

The town is situated 16 kilometres south of Vienna and is often called Perle des Wienerwaldes. A crowd of a few hundred had gathered round them. The rest of the plot is set in the Hungarian part of the empire.

It had an explosive eruption on 8 May that caused an estimated 30, casualties. Steinhof is referred to by the author as a concentration camp, but it is unclear which place he has in mind.

Every one of them apart from Eybl he was there only the last three weeks were at some stage injured or reported sick.

During the second war of Italian independence Austria lost the decisive battle here against France and the Sardinia 24 June The town was until predominantly populated by German-speakers. The best known brands that are made in the city today are Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus.

The bayonet was invented in the 17th century and was widely used in WW1 as is evident from the text of the novel. In the allied attempt to force the Dardanelles opened another front, although short-lived. His prisoner card has him registered in Penza on 6 October He was from to play an important role in the events leading to Russia’s withdrawal from the war.


He complains that lieutenant Janata had been cheeky enough to get killed by the Drinadespite owing him crowns. Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. Macedonia is the on,ine of more than eight hundred geographical reference in the novel, and it appears already in the third sentence! Germany was in a constitutional monarchy with the emperor as head of state, officially named Das Deutsche Kaiserreich. Why the author used sekorta name Salmova ulice is not clear.

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Gorgonzola her refers to the famous blue cheese from Gorgonzola by Milan. Countries, cities, towns, villages, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, islands, buildings are included.

Austria is briefly mentioned in the introduction, but plays a key role throughout the novel and is mentioned many times. The capital was Constantinople. In he again entered Slovakia, but now as a soldier. Graz is mentioned by the author in the chapter about officer’s servants. Darnitsa is mentioned in connection with the officers servant who dragged his luggage from Dubno to Tashkent and in the end perished from typhus on top of the entire heap.

The Russian defeat in the world war had fatal consequences; it paved the way for 70 years of Communist rule, and at times an extremely brutal. Here he recounts a trial in Graz in against a captain who had kicked his servant to death and had escaped without punishment “because it was only the second time he did it”.

Vltava is first mentioned in the anecdote about the man who jumped from the bridge in Krumlov. A dispute with Germany occured because some Argentian ships were sunk, but it never came to any formal declaration of war. It is in any case not uncommon that verse lyrics are adapted to make rhyme and rhythm fit. He wrote a handful of short stories about this trip. Fllm official languages were Czech and German.

Spain was in a kingdom and preserved its neutrality throughout the world war. They travelled through the Laborec valley with train and this eskprta through-trip is reproduced precisely in the novel in a geographical sense at least.


The Jewish community in Prague was next to extinguished by the Nazis during the occupation from to Here he was welcomed by Bautze who uttered the now famous words: The rest of Bohemia belonged to fklm.

The best known example of degermanisation is surely Sankt Peterburg which as early as was renamed Petrogradbut it was not alone.

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The original outlet in Cologne still exists and before WW1 the company had a sales office in Vienna. The song refers to events during the second Italian war of independence in Thereafter they marched across the mountains and pursued the enemy in the direction of Sambor.

The bridge has previously been mentioned in [I. Poles, Germans, Jews and Ukrainians were the largest groups. The economic, social and political consequences of the of defeat were fatal and to a 194 extent it paved the way for Nazism and the resulting Second World War.

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Links Ancient Macedonia ancientmacedonia. Links L’eruption de la Martinique Le Matin, 6. Czechoslovakia is indirectly mentioned by the author through the term “The Republic”.

Inzwischen hatte die In it had 77, inhabitants where Czechs made up the overwhelming majority.

The trip must have taken place in the time-span July to September. According to Masaryk the deal was signed on 16 February. Olomouc was also the reserve capital of the Habsburgs in periods when Vienna was under threat.

The author had good knowledge of dog-breeding, something that is reflected in the many references to dogs throughout the novel and otherwise in his literary output. During his famous dream Biegler refers to some smaller places in his account of the battle by Leipzig in see Wachau.