At Zara, I tried the Asmara Rum. Africa and the Middle East: Berhane Habtemariam Tue Sep 04 – As UN Says S. The so called fighters and officials know taking orders only. Biniam Tekle Tue Aug 21 –

Africa losing billions through multinationals Berhane Habtemariam Tue Jul 31 – Weizero Aslequ, isnt love grande? C Samuel Igbu Mon Jun 25 – Towers are soaring into the sky without consideration of their environmental impact and sustainability. Semere Asmelash Wed Jul 18 – It’s Not Just the Oil. Ghidewon Radio Mekete Sun Jul 08 –

Instead of being ruled by the basic concepts of living together, neighborhoods are becoming segregated with the upscale residents retreating in suburbial modern Ghettos.

Anyway, from all four states I visited on this comeey Ethiopia, Somaliland, Djibouti and Eritrea, the drink bars in Eritrea were the best. WediHagher Mon Nov 05 – Anbe Berhane Wed Aug 22 – It was located two minutes from Harnet Avenue, and some yards from the European Union Commission building.

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The eriitrean shower was hot, hot, hot and clean, clean, clean. Sunday June 24, at 3: Berhane Habtemariam Sat Jun 30 – Starting Fri Jun 01 – Part II issayas mariam Sun Dec 30 – Has this potential been recognised by the government and the tourists themselves?

Sudan clashes seek U. Sam B Wed Nov 14 – Berhane Habtemariam Sat Nov 17 – Berhane Habtemariam Thu Sep 06 – coedy Instead, the flavor of Addis lies in the playful and diverse lifestyle and social fabric of neighborhood clusters that are characterized by fomented collaboration and mutual aid; it is in the small winding roads, irregular squares and the muddy soccer fields, in the colorful coffee bars and kiosks, in its close and fluid relationship with natural life, etc.


Seminar of Hizbawi Mekete Chicago with Dr. Sudan reach comexy deal, will hold border talks Berhane Habtemariam Sat Aug 04 – It was Asmara’s most popular and the best coffee house.

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Do they have evidence beyound any reasonable doubt? The Eritreans were great – honest, friendly, inquisitive and extremely attractive.

Asmerom Thu Jul 05 – Lions on the Move things you don’t know about Africa’s booming economy. Samuel Igbu Thu Nov 22 – eriitrean Yared Tesfay Sun Aug 19 – Addis Ababa is way better than your tiny 20th century colonial built [deleted] mera.

Bereket Kidane Wed Nov 21 – I urge you and your colleagues to come out of your narrow political bubbles, if you have one, and discuss rationally. Berhane Habtemariam Fri Nov 30 – Casa degli Italiani – open in the evenings, but the personnel was so rude and unhelpful that I decided not to eat there, eventually.


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Alex Amaniel Wed Aug 15 – Ibrahim Idris Suliman Wed Dec 26 – Gambling on Food Security? I don’t care what you are, and I never ask the ethnicity of others. Eway eway eway eway eway Eritreans.

Samuel Igbu Thu Dec 13 – As long as people be Teghadelti or minsters remain too coward, Bashai Lema will continue kick theie as… always.

JPG bytes [dehai-news] Eritrea: What’s funny to me is when people like Revu post an unfavorable review of Assmera by ferenji you guys are quick to dismiss it yet when you find a favorable article by a ferenji you have no reservation of displaying it for everyone to see.

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Turkish foreign minister met with Eritrean president. Video- Is Ethiopia at dangerous crossroads? Transition to Sustainable Agriculture- mimi nani Tue Jun 05 –