It would have been wonderful if he survived and came home to her. LSGLover May 25, at 3: Thank you TK2H for everything…. The royal family and those associated with them made me experience the myriad of emotions they were experiencing!! Job well done guys! You know that I am a soldier, right? I must confess that I watch this drama only because LSG is in it.

She asks if the change in situation will change their hearts. Yeah, at the wtf -ness of the ending. My ‘Whys’ 1 I haven’t outgrown my love for fairytales. All in all, I am satisfied with the ending. But then the final 15 minutes brought this drama home for me. He obviously murdered someone.

Lots of cute scenes. The bromane that I would miss. I guess its not all that sweet now. The OTP had so much chemistry!!

And for this reason aloneit’ll be a hard act to follow for awhile. Anyway, it was a good 20 hours of entertainment. This is exactly the leverage she needs.

Interest as in his wealth and influence, as well as his ego. Select an option Broken Link Video out of sync Wrong video.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 20

But when they wrote him out, he went out with pride, integrity, honour and he lived his life true to his character. OldladyluvHJW May 25, at 2: So there was no way this baby was fitting on tumblr, so I just went the whole hog and made eisode as lush as possible. Anyways, i feel in the ending where she said to the shi kyung of her imagination she cannot keep thinking about him until she grows old and dies. Your email address will not be published.


Ahha is at the very top of my list of memories of Eepisode we rise out from the land of the dead or do we just remain zombies in memory of Earnest gege? I will try my best in the future. Quit trying to make it fair. In the end, he was arrested, as he would have been anyway. And then hearrts the last possible second before my heart bursts, the prime minister tells her to put down her weapon. You are so right about the choppy feel of the editing which I thought would be better but I guess part of the blame lies with the writing which tried to wrap up things too fast.

Bong Goo was caught, and it showed that not everything is always an happy ending all oing. Weeding was kimg symbolism, but family and boy are just to cute. I’ll miss this cast. And all this with a well-placed apology and an honest admission of his own guilt.

Nutella, I think I love you. Bong-gu couldn’t control Jae-ha, no matter how hard he tried.

Despite Club M’s over power shown like there’s no other mega-rich person in this big big world and Shi Kyung’s death, overall this drama is great. Back away from the bird! I honestly have not seen anything this sad for a while now.


The King 2 Hearts Episode 20 | Watch Korean drama online, Korean drama English subtitle

Tobin-Frost Woooooooooow awesome drama it’s just so lovable and cute that i end up watching it twice I laughed, smiled and cried alot, more so for episode 19 and However the more I think episodr it, life imprisonment is a better way to torture Bong-gu than a quick death, IMO. You know I have served Jae Ha for awhile and I admire him so much. You know I have read that some of you are a little bit upset because you think that in a way Jae Ha had a part episore the death of Tara.

He wanted power and thought money would bring it to him.

Oh Show, why’d ya have to go and make him die? Soldiers die everyday, and sometimes for no reason at all because soldiers are human beings too. The heightened love and passion that I had for this drama epiisode a lot out of me emotionally. A country that has experienced war. Hang-ah puts her hand in his, and then he crosses to the North.