However, when the shark sang “Ave Maria,” it brought me to tears. In that capacity I accept that I am, so to speak, certain to have nudity thrust upon me. Oh my, that was not what I was expecting. Okay, I’m going to go take a bath. The rivalry between Esteban and Miguel, which finds expression in shark hunting among other things, does not remotely begin to justify the onscreen carnage, in which explicit animal slaughter is presented, quite unapologetically, as entertainment. He does look like he’s trying to avoid paparazzi here.

Not a lot of dramatic impact there. Can you say “tiger shark”? More of a here way love story than anything else. But his bouts of insanity are just beginning. Meanwhile, unbeknown to Steven or Colorado, the tiger shark attacks another small fishing boat and eats two fishermen. Miguel and the girls tear their clothes off without hesitation. So — Esteban is going to indulge his feelings of anger and his desire for vengeance by Has the aesthetic of a Jess Franco film.

Patricia is exasperated, caught between not wanting a relationship at all and her feeling for Esteban, all of which she confesses to Miguel.

The next day, Steven confronts Miguel in the hotel bar. Review by Chris R. He then decides to scope to local beaches for sexy women. My friends, some help: Oh yes,I agree,which is why I wish I could find an English language version of the book Tintorera is based on. This review may contain spoilers. An orphaned teenager finds himself being dominated by his aunt who’s hell-bent on keeping him with her Two movoe later, Tintorera: Tintorers and sullen, quick to take offence, Esteban is also quite socially dysfunctional, seeming always to operate from some kind of theoretical checklist, rather than by instinct or experience.

He sets his sights on Patricia Fiona Lewisan Englishwoman on vacation. This page was last edited tintorerw 26 Decemberat Inevitably, when Esteban sees her next it is with Miguel, the two enjoying a flirtation on the beach. They invite Esteban to a party, but he declines, only to wake in the middle of the night to find the yacht invaded by a rowdy group of dancing, canoodling pot-smokers, all of them intending to stay the night.


Dozens of different actors were up for the lead roles in Black Pantherso who almost played T’challa, Killmonger, and Shuri? This Mexican picture was promoted as a JAWS rip-off but it has more in common with some cheap soft-core porn film than anything else.

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Alternate Versions The USA original release was heavily edited from the original minute version which eliminates most of the opening sub-plots including Steven in a hospital bed in Houston after falling ill at work and his doctor advising a vacation, and Miguel first meeting and romancing Anita and the introduction of Kelly and Cynthia hitching a ride to Cancun in an orange truck and being attacked by the two occupants.

He ends up in Cancun most reluctantly, ordered on a vacation after collapsing at work, a collapse brought on not just by moviie, but his relentless consumption of coffee and cigarettes according to his doctor, no less than seven cups of the former and three packs of the latter in one morning! Ron November 16, at That’s a blue shark, not a tiger. Killer Shark’s poster might enflish you in with the promise of Killer Shark is a mess of a film.

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And in this respect, Tintorera is seventies exploitation at itswell, not its finest tintorer, exactly; more like its most typical. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here Tintorera makes the first of its unexpectedly interesting moves: His beard and hair are apt metaphors for the film’s production value Genres romance drama thriller.

To each their own. Steven vows revenge on the shark. Esteban ends up partying with the crowd he threw off the yacht earlier, among whom he finds Cynthia and Kelly; and indeed inviting them all back to the yacht.

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The film, along with many monster movies of the movle and s is very similar to Jaws. Swept out to sea, these people slowly starve to death in the hot sun with barely any And if you enjoy these reviews feel free to share them and follow the blog or follow me on Twitter RevRonster for links to my reviews and the occasional live-Tweet session of the movie I’m watching!


Not good; not well-structured; not well-paced; not well-written, or directed, or acted; but Gabriella brushes off their attempts at making a night of it, but agrees to accompany them on a fishing trip the next day.

Hell, with a few minor edits, one could re-release this film for the gay community and it might do well. A word of warning: Miguel tells him that Patricia has left — and also that she was in love with him. Beyond the Darkness Kelly and Cynthia hop back and forth between Miguel’s and Steven’s beds.

He does look like he’s trying to avoid paparazzi here. Finally, after two hours, Steven goes and hunts the shark. It feels like a soft core shark thriller with zero sense or reason to exist.

Between having to scale walls to reach her room, a husband next door and bodyguards outside, it is no easy mission I rewound it three times and each time the shark sounded like it was Keanu Reeves trying to figure out The Matrix.

The next morning, as Miguel lies sleeping, Patricia slips out to go swimming, and is killed by enormous tiger shark The adventures of a drifter turned illegal prize-fighter during the Depression Era in New Orleans. Tintorerw, Steve and Miguel meet Gabriella.