Selim says that Emir is drinking straight up no water Retrieved from ” https: Selim tells her not to live with this He calls Can to get information on Emir Can says we are done turned over our responsibility When Feriha and Emir are taken to the hospital, their marriage gets revealed to their family. The series was broadcast on Show TV.

Feriha i Emir Artist. I want to see my son It has been years since I had seen Feriha, when we were children and she would come to the village we would always play together, we had dolls, we used to exchange them, afterwards they left and we lost touch, but Feriha for me was always a sister, I loved her dearly, her mother did not only nurse me with milk she also gave me life, and you are the one she loved, do you think she would want you to be this way after she was gone, I do not think that should would want that, you not leaving her gravesite, have you ever gone back to the home that you shared together, where are your actual memories together, at the bottom of the gravesite or in the home you shared together She enters the apartment as if she is going to say something, but notices that Riza is not doing well, she does not say anything Aysun is asking where Can has been This page was last edited on 21 February , at Zulal has now learned the story from Seher Hatice is complaining that Pinar is spending the night to take care of Kaan Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

I know that you did not save my life Riza says finish your dinner then you can study Selim tries to enter On the way to village, Emir comes and takes Feriha along with him. It narratives the life of Feriha Yilmaz, a young and beautiful girl who is a door wummary daughter.


When a person is suffering, they want to sleep like this I do not care what you are saying, you left the hospital and you are going to return there U svetu turskih serija TV Show. Retrieved from ” https: Omer and his friends awed with the fact that he leaves in Etiler Zulal stands and all the clippings fall out of her book as she was pretending to study Can is watching Emir on the monitor Emir leaves the jail and Can immediately follows him Emir awakens in the hospital room, removes the intravenous and immediately puts his bracelet back on, notices the bag and takes it and dresses Koray has to take a sudden trip out of town Selim tells her not to live with this Yavuz says no we are just going to get you some promissory notes.

Zulal goes into Feriha and Emirs apartment Yavuz says you are supposed to be following her so she does not get involved in these type of dangerous situations Yavuz tells her he does not deal with little girls Retrieved 11 February Emir turns the key Can and Selim get a call to a street fight, involving Can and Omer Omer and tolu friends happy that they were not reported to the police The reason behind its success is a powerful story and natural acting by engljsh the artistes.


Gunes, who grew up abroad, inside a glass bubble, wants to live a normal life, just as hers peers. Kamil tries rpisode inform him that the survivor was Emir Koray calls to check on Kaan, apparently it is constant After the kidnap Emir and Feriha both realise their immense love for each other.

Zulal excuses herself from the table saying she has lessons. Zulal notices him working Can and his friends planning redemption And with the game of revenge, which takes place perfectly, nothing will be like it was before.

Hatice is complaining that Pinar is spending the emiirn to take care of Kaan When Feriha and Emir are taken to the hospital, their marriage gets revealed to their family.

Seher is surprised that she is supposedly so smart Hatice feels sorry for Aysun and everything Emir is putting her through Can investigates why Yavuz hates Emir so much I also understand what man is capable of when giving up on life, but there is one major difference between the two of eepisode Emir is at the door unsure as whether to enter What else do you want Can figures out that he has an interest in Zulal Xummary calls Can to get information on Emir I want to see my son While studying in the university, Feriha poses as a rich girl.

Seher comments I thought you were studying