They quickly get caught up in one another, fall in love, and everything else fades away. And this book would have had me more without this one measly section about IF ONLY the protagonist had gone out with the jock and not the “bad boy”. This moved me, and I can be SO immoveable when I’ve decided not to like something. It was 3 vs. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I usually like the best friends in Dessen novels.

Dreamland was an okay kind of book. You are going to just be shocked and dismayed at the things that are going on with the main character Caitlin throughout this book. Why is it significant that Cass has given Caitlin a dream journal and what does she imply in her cryptic message to her sister: Mar 07, Kelly added it Shelves: Jan 02, Aleeeeeza rated it really liked it Shelves: Novels by Sarah Dessen.

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Luckily, the worst injury out of the pile of cheerleaders is a broken nose. She tried calling him, but he never picked up the phone. It was like I was running in wild nightmare.

Caitlyn’s a young woman with quite a number of struggles on her plate. But what happens when being with Rogerson becomes a bigger problem than being without him? It had a lot of the elements of the other books, but something kept pulling it deeper, to a place that for me, as a writer, was really challenging.

With the consummate skill and psychological depth that brought her praise for Keeping the Moonshe explores the search for self-identity, the warmth of feminine friendships, and the destructive ways our society sets up young women for love gone wrong.


Be warned that there is a lot of drug use. And when the police led him away, I pulled out of the hands of all these loved ones, sobbing, screaming, everything hurting, to try and make him stay. They meet again at a party and she ditches Mike Evans to leave with him.

He’s different and wild, and she feels like she can gain that from him.

Sarah Dessen’s Dreamland is an unrelentingly dark story of a girl struggling to find her own identity. I felt for Caitlin.

What’s the name of the movie based on Dreamland by Sarah Dessen?

One of the neighbors calls the police, and Rogerson is arrested. But I saeah really enjoy this book, it was something that I wasn’t expecting.

In my opinion, I feel like every child should be loved by their parents.

I understood those mermaids. Lists with This Book. BUT It isn’t fluffy and it isn’t filled with happiness. Caitlin begins to see Cass in a TV show that Cass’s boyfriend works on. I watched her carry the weight of the world on her shoulders, watched her life begin a downward spiral, and I wept for her.

I struggled a little in the beginning of the book with some parts of Caitlyn’s characterization, but I did end up caring about her as she misses Cass’s presence and feeling the tension of the household that remains in Cass’s absence. She ends up in therapy in a psychiatric hospital, where she gets the rest she needs, and gets to talk about what’s happened to her since her sister left.

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Well, it’s odder still, since Dreamland is dark all the way through, sarau almost in its entirety. It’s definitely the one that’s the most different, and it touches upon the issue of emotional abuse and violence in a way that is realistic, yet heartbreaking. Caitlin feels like she needs to step in for her family but it actually Dreamland was an okay kind of book.


Preview — Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. I’ve drea,land that I want to read all of Sarah Dessen’s books. The reader can feel Caitlin’s lack of direction and disconnection from the world.

He had a cameo in Lock and Key btw as Marshall’s best friend. With a little more polishing, this book could have been outstanding. This could have been an awesome way to show readers that individuality and blazing your own path is difficult, that human behaviour persuades you to follow behind others like a good little clone.

Yet shame, fear, and assumed guilt keeps many in conspiracy of silence about this widespread but invisible anguish. I just had this image of a mother standing in a bedroom door, in silhouette, saying something about seeing you in dreamland, and the story started to fall together.

Ever since Cass left, Caitlin’s felt lost and at the same time, she feels free. Characters really come alive off the page as you read, and every scene felt painfully real. Even now I’m struggling to put my thoughts into words, to articulate myself and convey how amazingly written this book was. Yes, I have an older sister and brother but none of them or myself were the apple of our parents eyes.