Once, an ex-Pakistani film actress and her husband were present on the show. Bee gull and khalid sab is the best. As for the act of prostration to the husband, were it allowed…. In a country where majority of the population is illiterate i. I am also grateful to tabman and Ameera for their very thought-provoking input. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! That was very impressive for me.

The hesitation she had once felt, whether her makeup would be taken wrongly, is now gone. LOL, you are so right! Umar went to the man, greeted him, and wanted to know who he was. Umar next asked who was groaning inside the tent. And get a life! In ads promoting brands of tea, this pretty young lady serves her family cups of tea on a tray. Even “bowing” — as we do in rukoo — was allowed. Mansoor … hate him no doubt, but have to say he does spice it up so much!

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I will make the necessary arrangements. Once, an ex-Pakistani film actress and her husband were present on the show. You shouldnt have gotten married if you had that many issues with the word Majazi Khuda. SZ you are so right about women the dilemma that our culture too imposes on woman.

Sorry it takes me a while to get back but I khuuda do try to respond. Or, if they lend support to their wives when the inlaws are around. Why do you need a man, she tells the younger girl, learn from my mistakes.

There came Our messengers angels to Ibraham with glad tidings. Another scene was three ladies talk that was very good. However, what I want to emphasize here, is that Muslim women should look at both sides of this picture, and not overlook the fact that they too, are not completely devoid of rights in this relationship.

Well, we have more advertisements telling us how. We are the ones who have to change first … so lets hope that we can take home some lessons taught from this serial…. Consequently, it drsma a very commonly-witnessed, and quite sad, scenario in every other house having a joint family, that each married son is living in a single bedroom with his wife and up to 2, 3 children.


In Pakistan we do not have such housing setup. There is nothing to worry about.

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Yes, we create our own monsters and chauvinists. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. By the way, I have many “aunties” as confidantes. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment epjsode The Prophet took a piece of meat and placed it in a loaf and said, “Abu Ayyub, take this to Fatimah. From then on, bowing and prostrating was permitted only before Allah. I gave just one aspect of this issue in this lhuda, about the way society expects women to be after marriage, with several real-life examples of how women themselves reinforce these stereotypes to the succeeding generation of younger women. I was listening to the lecture “In halaat mein kya karna chahiye” by Farhat Hashmi where she was mentioning how our hearts have become “tung” and epiosde we want is our own car, our own food and me, me and just me and how the sense of caring for each other has been lost.

On every episode of this show, a married couple is also present to offer advice regarding success in marital life. Khalid Sahab, on the other hand, does remarkable justice to her words.

I saw them prostrate themselves to me! Learn how your comment data is processed. Oh he was still doing films, prancing around lhuda hilltops episod the arms of young lovelies. Not once has he khuca the house with me sleeping in bed. You have overwhelmed me with your benevolence. Or do they act in a manner that invites everyone to walk all over them? Take care of the jackpot… I mean, the husband, and slog at the kitchen, laundromat or ironing board, while he devours eye-candy before the television set, secretly rolls his eyes at our constant nagging, and stifles his yawns during trips to the mall.


And no matter how much I try to convince her otherwise. The same methodology goes for the husbands and work issue. That was very impressive for me.

Some of their rights are: Take some little more time, get rid of those unhappy and insulting moments and when she is her real self and she should think about it. One particular detergent ad showed a husband lauding his wife for successfully removing the stains of dirt off his shirt, while she winked at the viewers and admitted that the detergent did it.

Eating out or getting take-out is just fine. Men are the same throughout the world. So why would he be starving now, just because his wife is recovering postpartum? She should think over. Being part of such society i loved to assume about such things but i think Bee Gul just hit the six here and showed some harsh reality.

Nothing comes more than self respect and the way she sshhhed her bhaiyaa was epic.


The Laila of today has no problems looking her reflection straight in the eye and wearing her lipstick. To each their own… As for the act of prostration to the husband, were it allowed…. Is that a dong of doom I hear in the background? In very subtle ways, the daughter in law might then seek her rights too and know where to draw the line.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This lady is more like a cross between Nanny, Mom and a perfectionist control freak! As for me, now I fully understand why most people desire sons. Where was the need? They should not have done that. Everyone who has commented has given khura points, which need to be addressed.

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