Hi thanks for pointing it out as it was initially planned for 50 episodes when i first wrote about it but extended to 60 episodes when the drama ratings increased and was really popular with viewers. I love baker king! So DY carves a message on a rock and asks a merchant passing through town to take it with him when he goes south. Jung Sung Yoon Supporting Cast. It doesnt work on viikii? Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

Those interested in the drama can also watch it online at http: DY has returned to the capital with Sulhee but guards have her picture and are looking for her. Shin Gook Supporting Cast. All those flashbacks that serve no purpose yes, I do in fact remember the conversation that occured ten seconds ago or earlier in the episode can go, and so can needless subplots for example, that oh-so hilarious artist in Yi San was excruciatingly boring and irrelevant to the story, not to mention redundant since Cho-bi was already there providing actually funny comic relief. Sign in Already have an account? You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Then again, Shin Don’s ratings weren’t great, and it still ran 61 episodes.

The episode historical drama is looking at a episode extension, according to a source with MBC. Kim Yoo Jung Supporting Cast. Choi Chul Ho Supporting Cast.

She is furious this time. Han hyo joo and Ji Jin hee must have been really embarassed plus I’m sure the crew on set must have been heckling them while filming. King Sook-jong actor Ji Jin-hee. To her episoed she realises that DY is alive and the King is so worried about her that he is giving her his own medicine! Jung Ki Sung Supporting Cast. Epusode Seo and Chun Seo are on their way north but they have to keep changing their horses at various stops and when they get nearer there are no horses to rent as JHJ has taken them all!


Lee Jung Hoon Supporting Cast. Park Jung Soo Supporting Cast. The intrigue and romance simply leave a mark in my heart. Please do not insult our intelligence! Baker King is not that good of a drama for a extension, the main actor over acts and the co-stars don’t act to they full potential. He learns that DY is alive and well, right under his nose!

D thank you for reading. Hey all Dong Yi lovers, episode 31 summary is up at Jackie’s Dramatomy. The Joseon citizens dramacray not happy about the Queen being deposed and episoee are not happy with JHJ either as he is being carried around town on his own palanquin as though he were King himself. He’s doing a great job, way better than Dong Yi: I am not a big fan of extensions because the story usually gets spoiled as a result of it – Queen SeoDeok is the perfect example.

Lady Jan’s Neverland: Korean Drama – Dong Yi / Jewel in The Crown

This was the perfect description. Oh Eun Ho Supporting Cast.

The King stops the procession and for a moment it looks as though he heard her call him. Min Joon Hyun Supporting Cast.

Episode 20

I also googled to read more about Elisode Sukjong, Choi Suk-bin and her son. Watched the 1st episode since 7 Augand today just completed episode The best laugh was when Dong Yi gave the Officer or King an ultimatum – “it’s the wall or your back!


The Queen is dethroned and must wear white and live a simple life outside the palace. But she orders them to poison her. JHJ is also on his way back with the bad news that DY is still alive! Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. The actors for Chun Soo and Dong Yi must have a laugh about this coincidence. Extending “Dong Yi” would just be too much. For those who have not seen this drama, you should give it a try dramarazy it is really nice and addictive!!!

It was Donh cute!

Dong Yi recaps episode 19-29

Ji Jin Hee is so talented and damn sexy. Yep, Mrs Korea and her subs are like L’Oreal – they’re worth it!

With2 will be quicker than Viikii. I love Mrs Korea’s subs. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. I’m loving Baker King and don’t mind the over-acting. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. The extension signed off on that story arc.

Either streaming a video that someone posted, or doing the subtitles themselves.