HockBengTeoh , if democracy is good, then you and the rest of the oppositions lackeys should accept the rakyat verdict with dignity and without rancor and biased towards BN and the government. The similarity of name is not accidental for the DAP was to continue the fight for a meritocratic Malaysian Malaysia. Having left Pakatan Rakyat, he was gentleman enough to publically apologise 3 times to the Indian Community for his mistake in uttering such remark while he was in the Opposition. Saya berharap pihak kerajaan dapat teruskan janji untuk pembinaan 1 juta rumah mampu milik dan MRT sbg pemangkin ekonomi negara. The intellect of the Opposition fails them. For me after this event was just a blank sheet concerning this family till I met this tycoon 40 years later. Buang masa saja komen.

They should have won in when the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties was at its weakest since I was very curious to meet him too because he had told the press that he cycled up to KL by bicycle with only one Straits dollar and a screw-driver in his pocket. If I was also registered under a different name and ID number at a neighbouring constituency, I would be able to vote again before Terima kasih juga saya ucapkan kepada pengundi2 UMNO yang masih setia dan bersatu dengan memberi sokongan yang padu kepada kepimpinan BN demi mempertabatkan kedaulatan Islam dan juga kepada sebahagian penyokong yang bukan beragama Islam yang masih menghormati konsep setiakawan serta yakin di dalam mengekalkan suasana kehidupan yang mewah dan aman makmur di bumi Malaysia yang bertuah ini. He has taken the moral high ground by being humble even as the winner of PRU Tapi apa yang berlaku ialah sikap tamak haloba dan angkuh mereka menolak BN dan mengangkat DAP sebagai wira mereka!

Finally, please stop calling Kit Siang a racist. Ini akan memberi sedikit byk tekanan kpd masyarakat Cina, apabila mereka mula merasa perniagaan mereka terjejas …. Mr Najib argues that, in a parliamentary system, it is not the popular vote that matters.

I presume these would begin this week.

Aaron Aziz

Please transform our rural communities to become best planned and developed rural communities. Some of those who voted in advance told BBC News that indelible ink — supposed to last for days — easily washed off. Disband Biro Tata Negara, a department first started to open Malay eyes and minds to nation-building and how they can participate in the process. Their foreign funding and compromised objectivity is never mentioned emphasis added:. At one point during the elections, before ballots were even counted, Anwar Ibrahim declared victory — a move that analysts across the region noted was provocative, dangerous, and incredibly irresponsible.


When the leaderships seems silent towards accusations from the oppositions the leaderships strength seems weak and it will and must influence people supports. We need all the assets we can retrieve in these bad times!

Kagan continues emphasis added:. And the owner is 50 years old who thinks people of my ilk is of no use anymore.

The Opposition put their best efforts, their monies, all their human resources and platoons of PhDs etc into action. Had he done so Malaysia would have failed a long time ago as what is happening to Singapore right now…. There were no born again Christians in those days as they were not born yet. The PAP did not believe in sharing dapt. As I mentioned before, this is the danger of a void in politics eapat the Pied Pipers of Hamelin misled all those clever Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese out of town.

I take this to mean Malay and Bumiputra refugees as well as non-Malay ones. Terutama berkenaan pengubalan undangan-undangan qnak mesra Syiar Islam. The public must be informed of the danger our nation face with the presence of the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevasa on the forefront of national politics without making them the centre of attention.

Have already cleaned off the ink by They deserve a society that can feel good about itself, without the bitterness of mistrust and racial connotations. Of course, I did nothing of the kind.

Pasangan Serasi Filem bersama Izara Aishah. We think that, eisode should be the way since it was not you who rejected them by they made the choice to reject you and your policy. Because he was a Malay.

Only Tun and one other person know whom I referred to in the Vignettes from the Past. Jangan biarkan rakyat asyik dengar lagu dan irama depa saja. The Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim-led campaign to protest the results of the election chose black as their colour of choice in reference to alleged blackouts during the counting of votes which, incidentally, by all official accounts, including that of the DAP, did not happen but have somehow persisted. For the ubiquitous HockBengTeoh Tak payah dengaq cakap depa pun.


Jangan pilih orang yang rakyat tak suka macam cerita PRU baru ini.

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He is against only one race in Rol. Kindly take your insolence elsewhere or just keep your opinion to yourself before you make a complete fool of yourself for all to see in this forum.

Buang masa saja komen. Have a Chinese representation among the BN Chinese winners in your cabinet, that you must have as we are a multi-racial country. He made his billion ringgit fortuned in the streets paved with gold in Kuala Lumpur.

We think that the clever and the educated Chinese whose souls are actually under-siege by their hatred for BN. Since some of my elderly cousins became teachers, I wanted to go one step ahead of them — so I started my young life wanting to be a university lecturer which was the coolest job Episodee could think of when I was eight years old.

Singapore might turn sour.? We have to ensure that the good ones in the society are given the best opportunity dah soar to the sky while we build a net to catch those less fortunate so that no one is left behind. They must assume that many of us probably just got off the plane with the 40, phantom Bangladeshi voters. That first and foremost in Malaysia the Malays including the Sultan and Islam takes a special place as the prominent force.

I do hope our beloved country will be able to pull through this trying times.