Tell us about the ones you have and why you bought those models as opposed to others in the Doxa Sub range. It would not surprise me if I gravitate towards other Doxa models in due course. Clive Cussler in May I had a great time making it and am happy to be making them available to other DOXA owners and fans on your website. As a tugboat captain I’ve had ample opportunity to read all of Cussler’s books while off watch or waiting for a ship to dock. Then I found out that Clive Cussler has had one since they came out in My wife said jokingly, why don ‘t you apply for this job?

I have to agree. Stop thinking about it and buy one! As an owner of a few Rolex’s and Tags, I was recently thinking of adding a Rolex Sub to my collection. I do not think one has to dive to appreciate owning one of these pieces. I’ve met people that tell me that they spent two years looking for one. How did it come about? The DWL was limited to 99 of which only 70 were available to the public after the 24 DWL watches were presented to the 24 divers in Pete’s awesome book and Doxa said they kept 5 for themselves and the NUMA was only 50 pieces.

I will be like Arthur C. This watch is watxh one of the finest watches I have ever purchased. Steve, great story and nice watches. How did it come about? The build quality, specification, design and appearance of these watches are superb.


I was contacted by a lady at Doxa who let me know that two orders had been cancelled. This year was pretty good, we found the Carpathia, Which of course rescued the Titanic survivors only to be torpedoed 6 years later off the coast of Ireland.

I came by this watch through a close friend and it’s everything I’d hoped it would be. You recently published your first non-fiction work, could you tell us why you decided to take that direction?

I am being to feel the same with Doxa so, I am going to Box Clever before pulling triggers. What can I say, I’m spoiled.: Well after the seeing theI went for it.


I have to write at least one more, because of the wild ending on Valhalla Rising, so I have to continue that one. I have worn this watch everyday since I got it and its now my favorite. You are truly a first rate company and I wish you all the best. Of course, it looks great next to my DWL and it’s neat having two such limited edition Doxa dive watches!

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All of the other books deal dosa Pitt’s involvement with NUMA, his adventures and the mischief he gets into. The screw was in very tight and the screwdriver sent with the watch rounded off the screw head and bent the tip of the screwdriver.

Jack, and I am a Doxaholic You have been writing Dirk Pitt novels for nearly 30 years now, is it getting more difficult as you go along or has it become easier as the character satch


It is a robust watch. I did have a little problem with one of the bracelet link screws when sizing the bracelet. Kids today have no grasp.

More about this site: Any additional comments on your upcoming movie? As a big fan of Cussler, I just had to have one.

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I really like how similar they are in dial size: Thanks to DOXA, the service was no 1. Cussler for his generosity allowing us to document the visit on our website. That’s the trouble with a series, I’m writing away when I realise I used that same line of dialog six books back. The shipping container is great.

Best regards from one happy customer! Also like many of you I had NO idea it was a real watch company and figured Cussler had just made it up using his incredible imagination. You stated that you used this watch while diving. Pittt couldn’t believe it when I was told they were going to manufacture and that they were practically all sold already. I am open to suggestions of what next to add to T Sharkhunter and T Professional. They literally said that nobody reads shipwreck books.