The last time it was some other girl, rehman-bhai The realisation is making me crazier than ever in the heartbeat is a melody, passions torment me I can’t stop you, can I? So what’s up, nikhil? You are my chosen companion, my love even if you don’t say it At least listen to me, shagun don’t touch me.

I’ll see you later, Uncle shamsher I hope these jokes don’t lead you I wish every girl in the world was as sensible as you are he is good to be back home. You thought I was a selfish man who brought you here for my own reasons? Five, six and seven how romantic! So ask her to take you for a brother.

Why aren’t you answering it? Find someone who’ll wear red!

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It’s far more tastier. Come tomorrow; I’ll give you an autographed poster with the cd for free No.

movei How can I help you? You complete my nights, for you it is I always think of ever since I set my eyes on you You are my chosen companion, my love nikhil But where’s the eternal playboy? After years, I met someone I love you, shagun. Of the three, why did nikhil save you alone? You’re praising the opponent, sir?


That’s how he’s been for 2 days. Maybe you won’t get to see the rainbow today. Is she just a friend, or?

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I got to leave, nikhil see you later. Forget her but you said I still wouldn’t marry him promise.

She doesn’t have any friends either just stop it, okay. No one can deceive her. Couldn’t score a single goal there you go again! When my father betrayed my mother What do you girls take me for? My train didn’t arrive at all but shagun certainly did well, smartass?

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Will you have any time to spare for your wife? It’s so sad, isn’t it?

He’ll find another store to pick up the cd he’s interested in the music, not the store those that follow this adage in love are always happy let Ful go. Our friendship will give you a greater high than the champagne I don’t know. It inflicts terror on your heart love is sheer poison I’ll switch it off no, that’s okay. Well, you’re going up and down in the lift all day Just like a painting. Looks like shagun to me, all right. Is there any place left to live here?


You’re so precious to me hi.