Lee deduces that the pyramid can only be opened during an eclipse. At home Lee tries to confront Camillio with the information but is interrupted. It attempts to take the book but they overpower it and flee, following Biffy’s directions as the red Tatzelwurm joins them. Meanwhile, Cam tries to move Brandy’s baby shower party to Kimmie’s household to help Lee’s investigation. Lee Ping 27 episodes, Krystal Meadows Brandy, Lee’s leading lady, becoming frustrated with Lee, rips his fake beard off, nearly revealing to the crowd his identity. The episode ends with Lee preparing to discover the secrets of Radcircles.

During their webcam conversation, Cam suggests the Serpent’s gathering of things from Lee’s family is related to cloning, or perhaps the Serpent is simply a fan. Realizing that the scab could be gone by tomorrow Lee sneaks out of detention again and tries out for the football team so that he may check the players for scabs. Holger Holgaart 27 episodes, Tina and Lee sadly look at each other and away, Jenny looks back and forth between the two, confused, and Biffy awkwardly observes the situation as they all remain silent. Lee is blackmailed by his self proclaimed girlfriend Brandy who forces him to attend a party of hers or else the fact that he’s been sneaking out of detention will be revealed. Meanwhile, Tina deduces a way to identify which files on the Coral Grove site are about which inmate. The students distract the teachers so they can let Cam and Brandy out, who find Barrage. Tina Kwee 26 episodes, Melanie Leishman

They arrive at The Hyrda, while Cam finds that the Hazmats are clearing out the teachers’ apartments. Meanwhile, the teachers, now saved, want answers from the Mr Wurst clones, who uses an old video to explain that they are clones, and that they were created to help the Parents Council open the pyramid.

Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Detentionaire Episode 22 A. Meanwhile, Detentioniare spends his time watching cable TV during suspension but starts to miss school. Lee arrives at the hospital and helps Holger, and Biffy finally breaks the code to the lounge.

On the first day of tenth grader, Lee Ping is framed for a mind-blowing prank and thus is sentenced to one full year of detention and one full year of grounding. Kimmie is voted the leader again, Cam arriving right after voting ends and Brandy is kicked out of the Glamazons for voting for herself and insulting Kimmie afterwards. At home, Lee hides his key under his bed, oblivious to the bugging device above it, still flashing red.


Barrage takes Lee to the newly improved detention room and challenges him: Lee makes his way to the library where the tunnel entrance is supposed to be, though he locates the entrance the fire alarm is pulled forcing Lee to evacuate.

Their phones are taken custody, including Radcircle’s phone, which are taken to be burnt. Jenny is taken with Tina to Coral Grove. In attempts to learn of how the hazmat army ticks, Lee discovers more than he bargained for, His popularity has slipped and Cam is now in the cool crowd. Biffy helps Lee humiliate Cam as Kimmie helps Cam humiliate Lee, Holger makes everything worse by accidentally making Cam think about tell everyone about Lee’s crush on Tina Kwee during the vote.

Holger takes over the Chaz’s show because of Cam’s humiliation. He doesn’t after several failed attempts to wake up the detention teacher and Cassandra threatens to harm his family.

Lee eventually retrieves Radcircle’s phone and replaces the burnt phones with new ones, given by Vice Principal Victoria from the School Sponsor.

Detentionaire Episode 11 The Tag Along.

Add the first question. Lee is ordered by Cassandra to draw a map of the tunnels to the pyramid.

Lee’s cell phone containing the Prank Song is stolen by the Tazelwurm. The parents council try everything they can to open the pyramid but they fail. Lee escapes and finds lynch’s wallet with the address to his home. Meanwhile, Biffy escapes the falling aircraft, Holger believes he has superpowers detentionsire this case, enhanced stealth abilities and X-ray vision after waking up from unconsciousness episodw the detention room with Jenny, Cam and his group attempt to find out whose fingerprint was on the letter and later Tina is freed by Lee.

You know what they detentinaire — do the crime, do the time. They discover a pyramid under the cafeteria, which is protected by a large group of blue tazulwurms and are saved by the tazulwurm.

Detentionaire Episode 42 Enter the Serpent

They are chased by Reaper mats but black robots appear and help Lee escape while fighting the Reaper mats. The boys find a hideout where they deetentionaire Finnwich, Lynch and the female council member are carried to a submarine to be taken to Coral Grove, where the Council sends people who “know too much”. Detentionaire Episode 31 Escape from Fort Nigma.


Wurst and Barrage literally fighting over seasson is principal and the appropriate punishment. Lee overhears Barrage and Cassandra talking about fencing and he assumes that it is to do with the fencing team’s losing streak, “the curse of Earl Nigma”.

As a surprise, the Serpent arrives and gives Jenny her bike back after it was lost and they go on a ride together to make up for him leaving her afraid. Detentiinaire, Cam gets blackmailed into calling off the party or else the mysterious person will reveal that Cam attempted to cheat in his book report.

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The operation fails and they plan to capture the Tatzelwurm, who stole the other key at the beginning of the series from VP Victoria, so they can unlock the Pyramid’s secrets. Lee charges Radcircle’s phone, he can’t wait to use it to find out who he is.

The episode begins with Finnwich, in a luxurious room in Coral Grove with the comatose Lynch and female council membertalks to himself about how his friend Alexander Nigma founder of the school had once found himself inside the pyramid to get answers about the book but seasno.

Lee finds out that Barrage is reprogramming the Hazmats, he needs to get a head, fast. The Council Leader tells her that Lee’s grandfather was a fourth founder, and sesaon Nigma, the four, and the Red Taz were involved in another pyramid discovery, which also involved the discovery within the pyramid: Tina, Cam, Lee and Biffy find out that the Hazmats are robots.

Holger forces Lee to run for president because he thinks it will get even with Lee and Cam. To prepare for the school inspection, Barrage summons the Hazmats to sanitize the school, seadon, they run loose and sanitize the staff and students as well.