Lee’s fellow inmate Biff convinces him to sneak out of detention to collect evidence from the auditorium which can prove his innocence. Lee discovers the Outcasts were not responsible for the hypnosis of Cam. After witnessing the submarine exit the hideout, Lee, Biffy and Holger decide to leave. But an unsuspecting Tina feels curious. Barrage leaves, and Lee crawls out from under the bed. A chance encounter with his old rival, Irwin of the Mathletes, leads Lee to the conclusion that he is Radcircles.

Biffy figures out a way he and Lee can figure out if cloning teachers is taking place: Cam calls off the concert by convincing the students that the fence is good after all. Lee and the gang sneak into the submarine by letting Cam distract the Hazmats, but accidentally breaks his phone when Brandy calls him, and the submarine takes off. Meanwhile, Cam gets blackmailed into calling off the party or else the mysterious person will reveal that Cam attempted to cheat in his book report. Jenny is trying to find Tina, and is tricked into talking with Mr Wurst. He doesn’t after several failed attempts to wake up the detention teacher and Cassandra threatens to harm his family. As Biffy finds that the teachers all live in the same condo as Brandy, Lee finds his mum’s file but the Tazelwurm arrives, steals it and throws it in the fire.

Meanwhile, Holger and Greta witness Biffy and Kimmie on a ride together. When Lee and Biffy get to the building, they are invited into Mr.

Elsewhere, when the book mentions Coral Grove, Tina proceeds to tell Jenny everything she knows about it information she gathered during the short webisodes. They are tricked into a series of games for the key; if they lose they die.

Meanwhile, Biffy escapes the falling aircraft, Holger believes he has superpowers in this case, enhanced stealth abilities and X-ray vision after waking up from unconsciousness in the detention room with Jenny, Cam and his group attempt to find out whose fingerprint was on the letter and later Tina is freed by Lee.

Tired and afraid of their love rivalry, Jenny suggests a pact that neither of them ever date Lee for the sake of their friendship and themselves, as Lee is seemingly with Brandi again. Lee, Biffy and Holger pursue him throughout the school but he escapes, giving Jenny, who is now smitten with him, another ride. Meanwhile, Lee and the gang plan to break out of the cell episoddes dinner is brought to the cell. Lee and the gang finally break out detentionwire to Lynch, who was sent by Finnwich but they don’t believe him and leaves him to be chased by Reaper Mats as the gang sneaks back on the submarine to the school.


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However, in the end, the council member who was presumed dead in Season 3 is seen with even more Reptilians, leading them out of the Pyramid. He decides to find Barrage to clear out his name and return to A.

The 15th Graders build Beth a trebuchet for her, due to Chopper being attracted to her. Lee manages to defeat The Serpent by exposing him to his allergy: Instead of just saying a character is smart they show them thinking logically and intelligently. Season 2, Episode 7 October 18, The parents council try everything they can to open the pyramid detentionakre they fail.

Vice Principal Victoria 18 episodes, Julie Lemieux However, Vice Principal Victoria is attending the party to talk with the grown-up. Unfortunately Lee’s mother learns from watching the news that Lee was at the party against her strict demands of grounding, getting him into even more trouble.

Married at First Sight. Realizing that the scab could be gone detentionaore tomorrow Lee sneaks out of detention again and tries out for the football team so that he may check the players for scabs.


Barrage objects to the Wurst clones’ doings, who respond by crystallizing him. Barrage arrives and gives Lee, Biffy, Tina and Jenny detention for being seconds late to class.

Barrage now finds out that the council had been using him, so he tries to take out a chip but causes himself to malfunction, locked in his controlled state. Back at school, Tina refuses to make clogs and Holger, after a failed attempt to join the cheerleaders, burns his own pair when he dances.


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Mrs Ping catches Blompkins attempting to punish Lee with a clog-launcher, which results in a “clog-gun” fight where Mrs Ping ultimately wins. Victoria tells Lee that she used to be a government officer, whose group was eliminated by Barrage, also a government officer.

Lee receives a email from Radcircles telling him to meet him at episodew auditions for the annual school play. The pyramid glows yellow, so Finnwich and Lee insert the keys. At home, Lee is told by Cam that Holger is going to the dance with Kimmie. Add the first question. Meanwhile, Brad attempts to become more detentiohaire than Lee again by using a plan stolen from a movie: Nigma High” and wins for Brad’s father, resulting in Brad respecting Lee for this.

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Lee Ping 27 episodes, Krystal Meadows Season 2, Episode 2 April 29, The schools fails to pass but is given a second chance. The students distract the teachers so they can let Cam and Brandy out, who find Barrage.

When Lee sees Lynch, he reveals that he is actually the president of Green Apple Splat, Leopald Webber, and has had surgery to appear younger but forwent the hair transplant.

During their webcam conversation, Cam suggests the Serpent’s gathering of things from Lee’s family is related to cloning, or perhaps the Serpent is simply a fan. There are a few awkward moments but you kind of stop minding them because the characters are fleshed out so much. Misunderstanding Lee’s intentions, they plot to rig the Student of the Week vote to come up as Principal General Barrage and dump the remaining paint on him on live TV along with the host Tina and Chaz.

Edit Storyline Lee Ping is an average high-school student until on his first day of 10th grade when he is framed for a major school prank and is punished with a year’s detention.

Season 4, Episode 3 January 14,

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