The Real squad that he returned to was radically different from the one he left six months earlier: Exhausted, unhappy, frustrated people from western Europe Polish cheerleader tanned her boobs too much before the EURO This page was last edited on 9 February , at The crown of your career is entering the “Hall of fame” in Brazil. One should take care of everything. He overcame being left out of the team by manager Cuca when his replacement in July, Andrade , included him in the team and allowed him to help the club rise from 14th place. You brought a player, you can’t pay him, you can’t wait him, you want him to play for free and you ask for results.

In this goal, Petkovic passed through three opponents in a short space, shooting just in time to avoid the incoming goalkeeper. From the foreigners, in the selected few there are Bekenbauer, Euzebio and me. Yet he loved it. Rambo or “Peca” as Brazilians used to call him, we found in Belgrade when he rests these days. There is 18 million people in Rio, and how many tourists go through it. And yet we make results in younger categories. Retrieved 9 December This page was last edited on 9 February , at

As MC Robinho would say, we have the king of the Olympic goal.

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The act of the highest possible respect that Brazilians gave you. Views Read Edit View history.

By Euan McTear emctear. Why the Brazilians, we re talking about those who come directly from the club to us, mainly do badly in Serbia. Edit Details Official Sites: Petkovicc time was his trainer in Atletiko Paranense.


Two more outside Brazil and no one more.

There is talent, Bozovic set them up, the defense is a bit thin, we should get stronger there. About hygiene mostly, and the authorities should take care about the water surfaces, not fambo allow spreading of mosquitoes. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. They asked me about Marcelo, i said few good words, they took him and that’s it. There are few that know you “acted” in one more movie. Nor the football, nor the level, nor the competition. The pronunciation of his name was an important dilemma, though, as Brazilian football supporters had so rarely had to deal with an Eastern European surname.

Search for ” O Gringo ” on Amazon. I believe this content is extremely offensive and should be removed from the site.

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You cant have the market below that number to have enough money and to work seriously and play serious games. I have been there for 19 years, and there are many worse problems. Retrieved 9 December At the time of his arrival, the club was not where it wanted to be in the league, hovering just outside the European spots in 6th and 7th place.

Privatization of clubs wouldn’t help, because with privatization the competition wouldn’t change, which is already small and on small market. Some are already giving up, out of fear. Currently Brazil is in my focus, that’s the plan, but you know whats it like in football, just as in petmovic, you plan some things and things change all together.


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Use the HTML below. As a club, you don’t want to, or cant wait, which is different like the sky and the earth.

Everything is the same, Politically, institutionally, the state, the parties, football, everything is intertwined. There, he once again won the Carioca, this time the edition, before making a surprise move to China and to Shanghai Shenhua, unable to ramno the big bucks promised to him.

Archived from the original on 16 July The Flamengo fairy tale was soon dead too, though — at least temporarily.

You live in Rio, also famous for its favelas. Brazil is Serbia times He is a great guy, knows the Star, is a good coach, he created it here in Serbia, but, we should not dream that we can make anything in Europe. Everybody is mentioning Zika virus.

That is why this fictitious story looks so true.