Of Ngaitai ki Tamaki Tainui descent, she is an architect by profession and a keen sportswoman — running, boxing, swimming, snowboarding and yoga. Producer Matthew Metcalfe describes such tribal warfare being part of the Maori honor system. Hongi is knocked away from the battle, and survives. Grandmother Pana Hema Taylor The monster is in fact a warrior who is never named in the film who was the sole survivor of a tribe that used to occupy the Dead Lands, and he kills anyone who ventures there to prevent his tribe’s historic lands from being occupied. This is a first chance for the killing arts of the Polynesian peoples to be explored in this kind of entertainment. Xavier Horan as Rangi Characters. International sales are handled by Icon.

The warrior’s character in particular is more than a typical anti-hero, having far more of the “anti” than a Hollywood archetype. Catholicism, double lives, issues of honor, honesty, and deceit, and the bond shared between fathers and sons. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. New Zealand director, producer and screenwriter Glenn Standring was born and raised in the small Manawatu town of Feilding. Te Kohe Tuhaka as Wirepa Characters. Full List of Academy Awards Winners.

Unlike any boxing film deadlanxs it, Million Dollar Baby gets down to the existential nitty-gritty of the sport; of course, it should come as no surprise that Eastwood, whose films are directed and cut like great jazz pieces, reveres movement the way he does, evoking every physical step Swank makes inside the ring as the dance of a wandering soul.

Retrieved 9 December What other moment in recent cinema, after all, more piercingly captures the mutual horror of people in the area occupying forces as well as resistance fighters than the scene in which Sgt. Edit Details Official Maorri Vastly outnumbered movid a band of villains, Hongi’s only hope is to pass through the feared and forbidden Dead Lands and forge an uneasy alliance with the mysterious Warrior, a ruthless fighter who has ruled the area for years.


Hongi and the warrior track down Wirepa, and several of his men are killed before Wirepa and his surviving warriors flee. Producer Matthew Metcalfe has worked in film and TV for the past seventeen years. Directed by Sir Ridley Scott on depressing autopilot, the film displays none of the technically nimble artistry of such classics as Alien and Movir Runner. Indeed, one of the principle virtues of The Wedding Guest as a thriller is how, particularly in its first act, it upends expectations.

Series Based on Māori Action Film The Deadlands Ordered by Shudder

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It was his second play, No. As the steely, singularly determined gun-for-hire enlisted to kidnap an English-Pakistani woman on the eve of her arranged marriage, Patel mostly succeeds in his against-type gambit.

The Epic Historical Flims. Their relationship forms the core of this subversive romantic-comedy epic minutes! Through out her years studying at Deadlandz University she worked as a model and through her agency Red 11, was encouraged to attend acting classes run by Rene Naufahu. Share on Pinterest pinterest. Start your free trial. Raukura Turei as Mehe Characters. As far as tributes to vagrancy and animal abuse go, mid-century American cinema has done worse.

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Director Elia Kazan conjured an illusion of docudrama spontaneity with his on-location shooting that allows him to stage images with psychological symbolism and religious metaphor with relative subtlety. Contact Fill in this form to drop us a line. The problems emerge early, with the history of Iran in the 20th century and especially the events leading to the hostage crisis of laid out in detailed storyboards.

The Dead Lands Finance Minister Grant Robertson has delivered his first big economic speech for It’s not like I haven’t seen films like this before, I may not have seen a lot of them, but it’s not something that is unfamiliar to me, so I’ve no idea why this film brought this out. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. It was followed by The Irrefutable Truth About Demons a horror film starring Karl Urban, which was shot in Wellington and went on to become a cult hit on the international film festival circuit.


The New Zealand Wars

Consider this project part cathartic exorcism and part sheepish capitulation to the role the Oscars have played in our lives. Published 6 hours ago on February 25, He also acted as deadlsnds producer on the film. The musical is best remembered for its extravagant finale: Hongi and the Warrior form an uneasy alliance and together hunt down Wirepa Te Kohe Tuhaka and his murderous tribesmen.

The two tales of men—one good but capable of bad, the other good but made craven and unrepentant—plumbs the unfathomable depths in the dark heart of humanity, the cruelties skulking in that darkness.

But its characters never feel tortured enough, the situation dire enough, to evoke the existential angst of the noir.

International sales are handled by Icon. Benefiting much from circumstance and luck, Hooker and Gondorff conspire to open up a fake betting parlor in an effort to bleed Lonnegan dry, financially speaking.

This is a story set, not only in a language, Te Reo, totally separate from Indo-European languages, but in a very different time and deaelands, as well. He recently celebrated his 17th birthday and is currently in Year 13 at Opotiki College, where he plays in the 1st XV rugby team and is a member of the College Kapa Haka team.