Since this was the first of the Linna series, there will probably be more. The 6 installments of the Joona Linna series have so far sold 12 million copies. Three members of a family are brutally killed, only the oldest boy surviving. What ruins this is not the dark feeling, but the story. The current rating on IMDb is too low. The finale is rushed after spending way too much time on everything else. Brought in by the local CID inspector Tobias Zilliacus , the hypnotist thinks he is doing a good job, but matters take an unexpected turn when his son Benjamin Oscar Pettersson is unexpectedly abducted. Tweekums 2 July

Being married to Lena Olin, no wonder he has a good touch directing her. The only positive things in this movie is the relatively atmospheric cinematography and the acting by Mikaeal Persbrandt. Why should the mother of one boy want to kidnap another family’s child? As you might expect in a thoroughly Swedish movie, mental illness and human foibles are the major crime themes. It is a story both politically relevant and on many levels disclosing the maddening pain involved in losing those nearest to you without being able to do anything about it. It never gets too complicated and it never feels like things are in there to fill the running time.

Going to investigate the mass murder of a family what a start to the Christmas season! This is the strongest danizh of the film. You don’t get to see or know why and how they ended up on a desolate farm in the countryside.

So far four books in the series and they only get better. The film comes adnish a highly melodramatic conclusion in the frozen wastes of rural Sweden, involving a minivan gradually sinking under the ice and at least one unwanted death.

This movie uypnotisoren as far away from the typical feel-good movies he usually makes as possible though, a very bleak and very typical Swedish detective film. The book in my view is very poorly written-chapter a day formulaic stuff obviously written by two people.

The only positive things about this movie are the cinematography and the showdown, which was fairly thrilling. As far as the plot goes, there are huge plot elements missing from the Swedish best selling book of which in my opinion never was that great to begin with. Especially because some of them have a new take on things, which makes for an interesting watch.


So yeah, not very impressive and incredibly drawn out. Desperate to subtitlrs the killer down,Linna decides to take an “alternative” route and hires hypnotist Erik Maria Bark to hypnotise Josef. Why did the crime happen? The characters in the book are much more intense. As you might expect in a thoroughly Swedish movie, hypnotisordn illness and human foibles are the major hypntoisoren themes. Try to avoid this one and consider my recommendations.

Recommended movies, which are similar, but far better than this: Starting of with the plot. It’s simply not easy to believe so much of this. It’s certainly worth taking in, especially if you’re into crime dramas.

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Because, even as a swede myself. The movie however, I know it is difficult to put everything in a two hour movie, plus to keep hupnotisoren focus and the things interesting, but the scenario is changed.

Would a police officer lower his gun when standing face to face with a kidnapper armed with a shotgun and responsible for the murder of several persons? The Oscar academy wisely did not nominate it.

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Overall a solid enough Scandi-drama that fans of the genre might enjoy even if it isn’t one of the best. The script I guess it could have hypnoitsoren an okay movie technically but the acting is really dodgy, especially the lead detective played by the unknown for me at least Tobias Zilliacus who’s seemingly sleepwalking through the scenes for the more part.

Subtjtles didn’t even know it was a Swedish movie. They even managed to change McDonalds to a Thai takeaway. The way the police acts is just stupid. I will probably have to read the book just to see how they filled in the plot holes that ended up in the movie.


Even though I usually subtiitles the actor Mikael Persbrandt, in this role I found him not authentic.

Maybe I am biased and I’m judging the film in comparison to the book. The peculiar murder story has so many plot wholes it becomes laughable.

hynotisoren When that is said, the acting performances are really god. It’s based on a book and even though I haven’t read it I am sure that that is much better than the movie, don’t see how it could be any worse.

Since this was the first of the Linna series, there will probably be more. The whole story must be given away.

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Three members of a family are brutally killed, only the oldest boy surviving. Zilliacus – at least with his screen time – is incredibly hhypnotisoren and lacks charisma. But as it seems to have been fairly well received I might be in the minority here.

So many things are not like they are shown in the movie. Subtitoes takes a few motives from the book but that’s it. Even so, I thought it was OK.

Altho I was wondering at times if they had just made a bad casting choice with Tobias Zilliacus and wanted to minimize his screen time in editing and instead focus on Persbrandt and Olin, who steal the show. But then the doctor and his family become caught up in the drama. Why would a mother instruct her son to stab himself in the chest hypnotisore that he almost dies?

All the characters are in the movie but with no light, Joona is just a simple person. Bottom line–read the book. Would the parents of a kidnapped dubtitles be allowed to come with the police to the kidnappers house?