I get a ton of people asking about the rims. View all users images. Texas Tornado , They have the market, they have a lot of attention on their brand. But most of them, if not all, are the low pressure cast or rotary forged, flow forged tach wheels. Their mission statement, all that stuff isn’t too exciting to read.

Im more of “lip” guy, so these were not my favorite at first, but, when I opened the box, I liked them. The center caps are flat and when you try to insert them into the wheel, the end of the axle keeps them from seating all of the way. Just looking for some track experience, pics would be good thanks. And I would say that they’ve done it pretty well so far. Now my problem is finding some or tires to run on them. They have thousands of, not really thousands, but they have a ton of different designs. Trying not to have to roll fenders or get spacers.

I rolled the rear fenders and pulled them slightly. How much of a fender roll did you need for tires? The S5R looks pretty interesting to me. Very light and just darn sexy!

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I hope the center caps fit skyievo So, while Cosmis doesn’t have a lot of history, they really don’t need a lot of history because the market that they’re hitting is relatively new.

I assume clsmis fixed the center cap issue?

Wow, sorry for the late response guys. I’m digging these wheels. I had to heat up my fender liner in the front and roll the rears to fit without rubbing issues. Codmis top of that, they specialize a lot in sort of their detailed styling for their wheels. About to pull the trigger on this setup.


Now you have to remember on something like this, especially with these wheels to get something with a deep lip, wgeels get something with concavity, to get something with three different color design profiles on their wheels.

You had Enkei, Rota, and Enkei. Those are firged darn nice looking wheels there. Sorry about your car. I did remember one issue with mine. Free shipping on Wheel, Tire, and Full packages to lower 48!

D Ordered the same for my RR X. But after putting them on, it seems like they were designed for our car. Fitment Industries Author April 19th, Would like to hear from someone who has 18x11s. Yea I know, just ot that they are not forged and are not 21lbs. Originally Posted by flstffxe View Post.

How is the quality on cosmic? I’m pretty sure you cant run a on a 8. Casr ones I picked up only 5x’s in the states right now are the 18×8. Looking at the clearance, I think it would clear no problem with really hard cornering. Mine are going live Saturday morning.

She’s currently gutted in my garage so I can’t help ya anymore than that sig pic. I hope the center caps fit. D Texas Tornado Cosmis Racing USA has six employees. Now we do not have any sort of rigidity or actual bending testing that we found. But most of them, if not all, are the low pressure cast or rotary forged, flow forged tach wheels. Ok so quick update, only 2 rims got delivered and for some unknown stupid reason, the other pair didn’t get delivered at the same time and won’t be delivered by FedEx until Tuesday!


Are they gold or more of a yellow gold?

There are companies that are out there that their goal is to forgedd the game in any way, shape, or form. I never rode around with cosjis also lowered on Swifts without the fender roll, so I can’t give you a good answer. BB code is On. The cool thing is, is that Cosmis has PPsuperwheels behind it because it allows them to look at designs and get new fresh faces almost every single month if they really want to.

These guys have extremely aggressive offsets and finishes for their one piece cast wheels.

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Good looking wheels cant disagree with you there I was using the android app and the signatures don’t show up. Post up some pics ASAP!! But there are other tests out there that do that. Do you have any questions in particular? For the front an 18×8. Yeah same here, not sure why very few other X owners haven’t looked at running these. Whereas Cosmis Racing International just brings cpsmis many wheels as possible to be made and sold everywhere around the world.

Nevermind I see your sig now.