Jodie Foster plays a woman aboard a plane with her young daughter both on their way to attend the funeral of her [Jodie’s] husband whom she dearly loved and who mysteriously died. Abuse of the TV. That would go completely against the non-gender conforming message the drama was telling the audience. Han Gyul’s wearing an earring on the left ear! In Drama TV Shows. I used to get teased a LOT!

Seventh Cup Full Episode S 1: Pretty little liars its an awesome show it’s on abc watch it you’ll love it. Plus the coffee princes in the cafe shop, way cute. I think YEH is doing an awesome job – I look forward to her next ventures! I don’t like her painting. In Crime TV Shows. Choi Han Kyul Gong Yoo , the heir to a major food company, is under constant pressure from his grandmother to go into the family business and settle down to provide the next generation of heirs. I’m sure that Gong Yoo is attractive to many female viewers i for once admit that this guy’s physique is awesome!

This is like sooooo off the topic.

Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Happy to see them happy, though.

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With that said I didn’t like that she proposed to him! At 24 years old? Is it also like the show? In a grumbly mood, Mr. They changed the name, but it’s still the same show. The two lead males are so attractive, one sort of suave, the other brainy cool with those glasses. Eighth Cup Full Episode S 1: I felt like I am watching the drama already! As of now i’m rooting for Eun Chan and Han Sung but i can’t really tell what will happen when things get better between him and Han Gyul, maybe i’ll be a shipper too hehe Top Actors Add New Person.


Based on a popular novel by Lee Sun Mi, the show garnered many television awards. Come on, Coffee Prince, surprise dpisode at the end. I am glad Eun Chan isn’t letting herself be….

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He plays a man on ocffee run from the FBI after being falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit! The others try to smooth things over and keep them from fighting. Chae Jung An Main Cast. To prove how yupgi bizarre, quirky, slightly disgusting but somewhat cute Eun Chan is, Pribce Rim tosses a piece of cooked meat on the floor — which Eun Chan then eats.

Also i want to ask you about the novel, does it has in english where can I get it in USA.

And I love love the music in Coffee Prince. You can watch with english subs. I couldn’t tell why precisely, but I can feel a certain love triangle building up throughout your summaries Han Kyul gets to go to New Coffeee, ha We’ve all seen many times before the bad-boy-turns-good from involving in a relationship with a non-submissive-bad-eating-manner strong female antagonist.

Gong Yoo Main Cast. If they were older than they would probably like it if it is there episore of programme that they like to watch. She is with the cousin of a guy who likes her, she knows she screwed the cousin over once, and the other Guy helped them get back together.

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Where to Watch Coffee Prince Episode One of the easy sites is youtube. Already forming 2 camps rooting for 2 different couple-set-up.

You can watch your beautiful without downloading for free!


Coffee Prince Recent Discussions. A good movie to watch is Deep Impact, a drama in which award-winning actor Morgan Freeman is the President of the United States and informs citizens of the earth that there is a meteor in space that is on a crash-course to collide with the earth! If anyone want to watch this Drama go to http: Merge this question into. I was wondering when they were going to add US since we already have Yu Ju coming back from dear old Paris Actually, the whole group is a little yupgi, really, with Min Yub mixing beans into his soju and going around trying to drunk-kiss everyone.

Kim Jae Wook Main Cast. And boss and employee. Javabean if you wouldn’t mind, please give us some yummy spoilers from the book, I want to read it but I guess it wouldn’t have an English version right??? Win a Japanese Snack box today! I understand Eun Chan’s need to be self-reliant and I admire her for it, but she can do everything she has her mind set on within a marriage too. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

That’s so funny when they were drunk and like kissing each other! Me and my little sister watch it I’m 12 a … nd she’s 9 and some of it’s inappropriate but over all it’s fine.

There are more Chinese dramas t … han anyone kind.