The kiss scene is the Holly Book of KDrama they always end up together! Seung-yeon answers that he was in his forties, seemed really nice, and very embarrassed. What gives me hope for this series, on top of the laughs in every episode, is that Coffee House has been doing a good job of subverting cliches so far. She sees him conked out in a deep sleep, and despite her disappointment at not being able to demand some praise for once, she smiles at the sight. Seung Yeon becomes protective of her new boss from Seo Eun Young Park Si Yeon , the owner of the publishing company that they both work for. So we have JS alone in the rain. May I ask you where did you watch Coffee House with sub? I’m with the people who say the kiss had a hint of desperation in it

It’s seem to be JS love her back.. Jin-soo starts calling every hospital in the neighborhood to ask about Seung-yeon, but makes no headway. It’s as to be same but not similar. Dear Scriptwriters, you have been torturing EY for years now, it’s easy to pick on her That makes me think she has either hurt Jin-soo or has incurred some debt against him emotionally, figuratively. I don’t know man, there is something about PSY that is bothering me so much and I can’t put my finger on it. However, in her effort to tiptoe away, she trips and falls down the stairs, landing hard and scraping her nose badly in the process. Checking the time, she sees that he called at 5:

Seung-yeon spots Dong-wook boarding a bus and follows him on, hesitantly interrupting his music-listening to apologize for assuming he was mute. Coffee House Volunteer Team. ocffee


Why is the ratings so low???? Thanks for your recap. Ji-won warms up in a fervor, eager to get his pound of flesh and I mean that only half-metaphorically! Meta [Happily never after] Maybe She thank to him about that.

Eun-Young is hidding some “hidden agenda” of being nice to everyone and especially in front of SY. I do feel romantic feeling from JS with Dramacrazyy and the kiss comfirms that as he replied to it.

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Yeah I didn’t see mysoju so I never read the discussions before Just as the crowd is getting unruly, a delivery man drives up with a box for him, which turns out to be an ice block — into which the car key has been frozen. If Cffee and SY are destined to be, I guess we can forget about steamy couple kisses because of the obvious age differences.

May 26, at Thanks for the recaps they allow me a chance dramacrayz laugh again after watching the eps. Yet, they didn’t end up together at the end.

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She resents having to worry about such outrageous possibilities, but what can she do? It’s like a dream where she can be with JS and she got his feeling. But she puts up with his strange behaviors, sarcasm and daily tortures as she strives to become the best secretary possible and hold onto her new professional job. Then there’s the part where SY pretty much told JS how much of a jerk he’s been to run off and how he’s actions affect more than just himself paraphrasing also this is when JS finds out EY was crying after their phone conversation I think I might need to make another exception for Coffee House though And when JS sense that SY hesitated, he got defensive.


At this point, it really is hard to tell who ends coffee with whom.

I mean, I think that the Seung-yeon relationship will obviously be important; I hope she helps Jin-soo grow as a person Thanks, JB for the super fast recaps!!! I am also enjoying the way the writer is twisting the common k-drama scenes and giving us a different ending to them. Clearly, she’s worried about EY kissing someone else. Episodes by LollyPip. Cogfee so impressed with the writers.

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Main sites I use to watch the dramas: I think this is rather telling He grabs Jin-soo by the shirt and curses at him for all the trickery. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. If this will happen That he thought, JS forgot that was him who said to SY that to become proyou need lie May 27, at 2: I am all for Eun-young and Jin-soo.

But what about Door Number Three?

JS seem to far for her to be with. Jin-soo has them, of course.

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Here’s my top 3 dramas I watched so far. This is the same memory that comes to Eun-young in her sleep, and she wakes up in the hospital crying. Live Dramacrazg Next event in 40m. Like I loved the ending and people were just complaining But what make me crazy is the fact that no one notice it in Vietnam.