After finding the cause and devising a cure, Jeremie has Yumi and Aelita break them out of the hospital. She’s also worried that XANA might escape. However, she escapes resulting in William chasing after her. She only tells him once on Lyoko, so he cannot object. Odd said it wasn’t important, and he had some stuff to do. Later, Yumi goes to train in the gym while the others finish a geography test. After meeting up, she has Odd take her to the computer room. Ulrich is then knocked unconscious, and Yumi carries him to safety.

In the end, the tower is deactivated and, after a return trip, Nicolas and Jim are added to the Pop Rock Progressives. While on her first science field trip with the rest of the gang, Aelita begins to experience mysterious visions that draw her to an abandoned house called the Hermitage. Sophie Dubreuil A new song Odd downloads sends him into a coma, and the same song is passed through the school. On Lyoko, Ulrich’s reaction to the discovery leaves his performance lacking as the hornets move on the school. Ulrich on a bulldozer: Code Lyoko Code Lyoko: Upon its discovery, XANA takes action, possessing Jeremie, to ensure they’ll never be able to read it.

Jeremie tries to explain, leaving Yumi alone. Shortly after they begin, the ghost turns on the group, devirtualizing Yumi and chasing Ulrich away from the tower as three Tarantulas arrive to protect it. It’s been a year since the group first discovered the supercomputer and Aelita, and they decide to throw a surprise party for Aelita.

She only tells him once on Lyoko, so he cannot object. Quelle cruche cette Sissi Jeremie is forced to retrieve his laptop, leaving Aelita in the woods. Jeremie’s cousin, Patrick, comes to visit.

Just when it looks like Jeremie’s tower will fall, Franz Hopper steps in and protects it. The visions come even when she’s awake, causing her to lose consciousness while at the pool.

At the same time, Jim’s suspicions of the group have risen to the point that he’s actively trying to discover their secret and he ends up causing Jeremie to injure his ankle while running away from him downstairs in the school. Ulrich and Jeremy saw is and they asked who it was. You talking about a video game? View the LyokoStats for this episode! Karine Lollichon, Sophie Decroisette X.


When an embarrassing picture of Yumi is printed in the Kadic newspaper, she turns to Odd as the source.

Quest for Infinity Code Lyoko: Meanwhile, Odd, in an attempt to impress a girl in photography class, inadvertently sends the photo to Sissi, who in turn shows it to her father. And I really think that she can be very brave and a real nice person, when she wants to be! The clone, having never been told to keep the information a secret, reveals everything to them, and even takes them to the factory. Aelita’s first concert with the Subdigitals is coming up, but Aelita’s stage fright threatens to get the better of her.

After discovering Aelita’s link to the supercomputer and the inability to shut off the supercomputer that stems from it, Jeremie works hard to find new and better ways to fight XANA.

Jeremie brings Taelia with him to the factory. This is the last episode to air on Cartoon Network.

Code Lyoko – TeddyGozilla – Episode 1 – Part 1

William is teddgyozilla prime candidate, but Yumi still does not trust him. Jeremie also finds a way to free Aelita from the supercomputer. When he returns to Aelita, he tells her he episodde, that XANA has become too powerful and that he needs to turn the Supercomputer off to save the world. Later on, she walks into Jeremie’s room and writes some code on a piece of paper.

Ulrich stops Sissi from planting the tracker on the repeat attempt, and the quintet invites her as a friend. He coe, besides being a satirical writer, professor of rhetoric. After meeting up, she has Odd take her to the computer room. Meanwhile, Jeremie investigates the strange occurrence and learns that XANA is using the school’s antenna to take over the nearby television antenna.

Page generated in 0. After being devirtualized by Ulrich, she and her clone engage in battle.

This fortune does not last. Since the attack keeps draining power from the supercomputer, with no other choice, Aelita purposefully wipes out the Ice Sector leaving only the Mountain Sector left.

This episode takes place a few weeks after the two-part prequel “X. Jeremie believes that XANA is causing the visions through her link to the supercomputer. Did we miss much of the show?


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Yumi, not part of the class, remains behind to sit through two important exams. Jim’s nephew, Chris, the drummer of the Subdigitals, pays a visit to Kadic to look for an opening act for the band’s next concert. Having guessed correctly, she watches as XANA destroys the comet and calls off his own attack on his own accord.

Then, the whole gang arrive at the factory.

After an unexplained incident on Lyoko ends up devirtualizing Yumi without any cause, she is taken to the infirmary. When they head back to his room, they find his computer destroyed. Jeremie, Yumi, and Aelita race to deactivate the tower before it is too late. What have you found?

Outside, Jeremy reveals the best Lyoko Warrior of the month: But as success comes within their grasps, Jim’s paranoia aggrivates the already bad situation started by XANA. Jeremie has saisoon fix the damage he caused in time to save Odd, who ends up trapped inside the school with Milly, Ljoko, and Kiwi.

She easily fixes the device, and finds that she is quite talented in using it. Later, Odd and Ulrich are having lyok contests across the floor, but soon, a picture of the DJ Odd was getting fell on the floor.

Quelle cruche cette Sissi In turn, XANA possesses two bulldozers and sets them on the factory to prevent Aelita’s materialization from taking place. You just have to set it back up again. Yumi and Ulrich go searching through Jeremie’s room to see what they can find about Jeremie’s problem. It is later christened the Skidbladnir, nicknamed “the Skid” by Odd, after the Norse ship. Yumi is sent to retrieve Jeremie’s laptop to virtualize Ulrich, but gets caught and ends up in the principal’s office.