Unfortunately, Taichi doesn’t seem to stand a chance against Arata unless he uses Kana’s advice to pick up the pace. BBCode Modified by 4kicks, Jun 28, 2: I hope Im not in that much of denial, but when Chihaya said she loved Arata.. She’ll be so confused if he reveals his feelings for her. Arata is coming out on top, isn’t he Taichi x Chihaya The way they ended it, it seems like there’s potential for season 3 but it seems like each season takes about chapters from the manga, so it might be some time before season 3 will be considered: All of this was rather more fast-paced and exciting than most of the first season, though I would have like an occasional change-of-pace episode for a break from the heavy main storyline. The following arc has already finished in latest chapter.

Did Arata just win? Mads December 30, at 7: Not quite as good as the first season but still has that polish few shows do 8 Suffering Taichis out of 10 Keep trying Eromu I’m sure you’ll swoon Sakurazawa eventually: Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. However, to each their own opinion. Even Kana is rooting and believing that Taichi can win in the end ; u ; I always believe he can win in the end. At its best, Chihayafuru is a character drama about a group of people who just happen to play karuta not karuta or the poems themselves though they are integrated into the drama well I wish Tsukuba and Hanano played bigger roles throughout but nonetheless they are excellent additions to the main cast.

Honestly there was more character development in this episode than in the rest of the season! I personally wish the anime had delved into the poems like Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu Uta Koi did though it was nice when Chihaya wrote poems in the finale. Lol Shinobu’s face btw this episode behind Arata. Can’t wait for the OVA and season 3. I love Tachi and Chihaya so much Episode was quite fun and enjoyable despite the pacing being a tad rushed. I remember my fascination with this series when it first aired season one in Oh man this needs a season 3 now!



Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 25 –

I hope there’s a season 3 and I hope that they chose to even out the pacing instead of having stupid recaps: If anything I want to read the manga more now. D Who the heck was that at the end card? As for those interested in what the next arc is like, here is some non-spoilerific tease: This season was a definite improvement over the first one, with much brisker pacing and a more compelling overall storyline.

Not surprising because she and him know each other from school and club, unlike Arata that lives in a different prefecture. This episode made it a lot more clear that these two might have romantic feelings towards each other. Frankly, the tone of the series was so different as to be almost recognizable at times. Team tournament was the best!

I’m the only one who doesn’t care about Chihaya confession, after all this all about karuta: Strong shipping the worst guy this episode, Arata I also really enjoyed the latter poems written and narrated by Chihaya about Arata.

I wish it had a faster pace, but I still love this anime. The ending itself was a bit of a letdown, frankly, in that the actual battle with Nue ended in a draw and the resolution was kicked down the curb until some indefinite future date when Nue rouses chihaayfuru from Hell again.

Even Kana is rooting and believing that Taichi can win in the end ; u ; I always believe he can win in the end. I liked this episode the most out of all the others thus far, because it was really sweet when Chihaya said she loved or liked Karuta, and Arata.

Excited that season 3 is going to start with my 2 favorite arcs so aniimeultima. Anyway the anime has reached the mangas translated parts now so I can finally read: Posted by MisakiPureBlood at December 18, The results were already determined from last week for his match. I bought the first BD box, bought the first season, will be the second BD box for this rpisode, have bought all the manga and will continue to do so. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.


Some of that is straight from the manga, no doubt, but a lot of it probably comes from the director shift from Nishimura Junji to Fukuda Episoce. I’m sure this bumped the manga sales heavily and hopefully it got good Chiahyafuru ratings, so sponsors help cover for it.

Misaki PureBlood 28 December at BBCode “The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone.

Girls have lot of types of love Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I like the sound of that last one.

Enjoyed it as much as the first. Even Hagoromo-Gitsune, who looked like the main villain for a while, was effectively a mid-boss herself.

P Can’t wait for the OVA. We got a lot of shounen chestnuts such as the training arc, and a series of confrontations with mid-bosses leading up to the final showdown with Abeno Seimei, who was the driving force behind the conflict that drove the season.

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Lol you wrote the same comment on Crunchyroll. Did Arata just win?

I feel more of a friend sort of way. AnimeGegege no KitarouReviews.

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Great things are coming towards you They could do one cour winter but I’m not sure if it would work or not.

Its not fun to play karuta using that. Tweet Share Share Share Anineultima. Shiro Usagi 19 December at I don’t know how long I can hold out from reading the manga now. But it increased the manga sales prominently so that’s why they probably decided to do animeultika S But really poor Taichi