Upton as Allan Nicholls Brad Sullivan Allan Nicholls as Johnny Upton Chiefs team captain and the only player to wear a helmet. Hockey Player uncredited Jon McClintock The Monthly Film Bulletin. The brothers’ actively violent and thuggish style of play excites the fans. In the movie the Hanson brothers wear black-rimmed, Coke-bottle eyeglasses, and in one game get into a fight immediately after the opening faceoff. Carol Shelton –fashion show commentator– uncredited [2].

She is fed up with the hockey life and drinks her misery away. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Steve Hanson David Hanson In the fictional small town of Charlestown, the local mill is about to lay off 10, workers, indirectly threatening the existence of the town’s minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs. Check out the stats of this real life hockey player courtesy of hockeydb. In reality, what happened was that both Jeff and Steve Carlson wore those type of glasses and did get into a long fight right after an opening faceoff.

In the fictional small town of Charlestown, the local mill is about to lay off 10, workers, indirectly threatening the existence of the town’s minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs.

A scene in the film shows the Hanson brothers jumping the Peterboro Patriots during pre-game chkefs. The Making of Slap Shot: Eventually Dunlop meets the owner of the team, and discovers his efforts to increase the team’s popularity through violence have been for naught, as the owner plans to fold the team as a tax write-off.

What’s more, in playing for laughs, ‘Slap Shot’ gives the nasty impression of seeming to patronize both the players and their fans. He uses the Swami’s techniques to transport himself into a state of oneness where nothing matters but beating the crap out of his opponent.


Check out his career stats courtesy of hockeydb. Jeff Carlson as Jeff Hanson The youngest of the three, he has a fear of camper keys and has been known to bend the rules in slot car racing.


Upton as Allan Nicholls. Variety wrote that “director George Roy Hill is ambivalent on the subject of violence in professional ice hockey.

Stick Boy uncredited Reggie Krezanski He has a habit of butchering the English language and a severe allergy to those fucking fans. Hockey Player uncredited Danny Belisle Many scenes were filmed in the Cambria County War Memorial Arena [7] and Starr Arena in Hamilton, New York, the Utica Memorial Auditorium used as “Peterborough” where the pre-game fight occurs and where a Hanson reprimands the referee for talking during the anthemOnondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, New Yorkused as “Hyannisport” where the Hanson Brothers charge into the stands to accost a fan and are subsequently arrestedand in other Johnstown locales.

In the film Jeff Hanson scores a goal and is hit in the face by a set of keys thrown by a fan. The Hansons then go into the stands after the fan and Jeff Hanson punches out the wrong fan.

Hockey Player uncredited Alan Hirsch After a crushing defeat in the first period, the disgusted general manager tells them that he was actually hoping that the Chiefs’ habitual escapades would get them scouted and signed up by the National Hockey League. Gene Siskel gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of four in his original print review, writing that “what ‘Slap Shot’ does to its ultimate failure is exaggerate every one of its fine facets.

Retrieved from ” https: We went back in the charlesown room and chlefs boys said, ‘Coach, as soon as that puck is dropped, we’re pairing up. Hockey Player uncredited Jon McClintock Goalie uncredited Connie Madigan A 14 page paper has been submitted to rister Journal of Slap Shot Scientifica to support our claim.

Slap Shot (film) – Wikipedia

Dunlop exploits Braden’s marital troubles in his efforts to get him to take part in the team’s brawling, to no avail. Audible Download Audio Books.

Prefers grape and orange soda over rroster beer. Similarly, in Johnstown, Newman is wearing a coat as though it should be cold, but there is no snow on the ground and the trees are in full bloom.


Hockey Gods

One scene in the film was specifically drawn from events that occurred in Binghamton. Upon hearing this news, Dunlop decides to have his team revert to their previous violent approach, much to the joy of the spectators. Nancy Dowd as Andrea One of the player’s wives.

Retrieved December 5, Check out this real life hockey player’s stats courtesy of hockeydb. The Norsemen players and coaches then returned to the dressing room and refused to come out to start the game.

The team’s new style produces unintended consequences that affect not only Dunlop, but the Chiefs’ star player, Ned Braden, along with the rest of the team. He chooses the latter. Sparkle Twin uncredited Louise Arters This page was last edited on 26 Januaryat Joe Nolan as Clarence “Screaming Buffalo” Swamptown A player that was once previously moviw to be “suspended forever”, Screaming Buffalo was reinstated for the Federal League championship.

Syracuse Bulldogs rookie goon Ogie Ogilthorpe, who was mentioned throughout the film but never actually seen until the final playoff game, was based on longtime minor-league goon Bill “Goldie” Goldthorpe. Andrew Duncan as Jim Carr The folliclely challenged radio man for the Chiefs, he is best known for his sensationally ugly rug and his child-like exuberance.

Although much of the movie takes place during the fall and winter seasons, when hockey is in season, filming at the Utica Memorial Auditorium took place from June Retrieved November 2, Can you remember his only line about Ogie Ogilthorpe? As of press time, this has still been unconfirmed. This article is about the American film. It’s as if those locker room tape recordings had been edited to remove the silences and banalities, to include only the most outrageous sex-and-violence.

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